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December 20, 2015

Character Spotlight: D-Man

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Bodysuit of one of the finest superhero designs of all time, mask of an iconic mutant, and the heart of a hero. Who is he? D-Man! Ready to rumble and help his friends at a moments notice! Rough times are part of the gig and D-Man perseveres to better himself. Who is D-Man? What’s with that costume? Just what exactly is going on? Let’s find out!

Dennis Dunphy was an up-and-coming sports star back in school. His impressive athletic prowess drew the attention of Power Broker, Inc. and they came to Dennis with an offer. He would be given super strength and durability because of how impressed they were with him. He took the offer but realized that now he was too powerful for regular sports, Power Broker pointed Dennis in the direction of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, a super-powered sport.



It’s here that Dennis, using the wrestling name Demolition Dunphy, meets Ben Grimm, the ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing. The two would become friends but Dennis would be commanded to throw the fight for betting purposes. He refused and lost the fight fairly. It was here that Dennis learned that Power Broker, Inc. was a criminal organization using their medications to grant powers and addict them to supplements to control them. When Thing and then Ms. Marvel, Sharon Ventura, went to expose Power Broker while Dennis was commanded by Power Broker to take them out along with other controlled empowered people. Dennis refused and fought back, this lead to him struggling with withdrawals for weeks but being able to come out on top.

Now free from Power Broker, Inc. Dennis would team up with Captain America to take on Power Broker, Inc. He’d even create a costume from Daredevil’s old yellow costume and Wolverine’s old mask from his tan and yellow costume and call himself D-Man. Captain America appreciated his assistance but did start to wonder if this was such a great idea. Dennis would be kidnapped by Power Broker, who would conduct more super-powered treatments that caused him to have a heart attack. Cap would rescue him and as he recovered from the heart attack, he’d run Captain America’s hotline.

Dennis_Dunphy Demolitionman5


When Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America and becomes The Captain, Dennis, along with the Falcon, Nomad and Vagabond to assist him as a team. He’d help fight the Serpent Society and many other threats alongside his friends.┬áHe’d get arrested by the Commission on Superhero Activities, the organization that made Steve Rogers step down as Captain America, and be interrogated.

Finally freed from the CSA, Dennis would join the reinstated Captain America’s Avengers. Their biggest threat was the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. organization. During one mission, Dennis would crash the Quinjet to save the world but in the process bombs went off preventing him from jumping out of the jet in time. He was missing and presumed dead but had been found by an Inuit tribe who tried to help him recover. It wasn’t until Cap, Falcon and his other friends arrived with the necessary tools to help his superhuman body that he could recover fully.


Suffering from some kind of mental effects, possibly from his old treatments, Dennis believed he was to collect the Infinity Gems but was actually stealing normal gems from around New York City. Daredevil would confront him and help him get the help he needed to get out of the delusion. He was anti-registration and when Osborn took over what it meant to be a superhero, Dennis would join the military and covertly be D-Man. When he learned he was inspiring other soldiers to follow in his footsteps he put a stop to them risking their careers.

Brainwashed by an enemy of Captain America’s he would be forced to fight his friend and nearly killed him had it not been for the intervention of Sharon Carter who would shoot Dennis, fatally. Resurrection was just around the corner as a young sorcerer would mistaken ressurect a D-Man instead of a demon. Magic is tricky. When the world was ending due to merging with another reality, Dennis would have the best day of his life doing what he does best, fighting and being great. Post Secret Wars, Dennis is now Captain America, Sam Wilson’s, pilot, technician and pretty much whatever else he needs from him.


There you have it folks! Dennis had some rough times but he always came out stronger for it. He wears one of my favorite costumes because it’s just so wonderfully terrible. He’s got a big heart and that goes a long way with heroes who can deal with some terrible things. Maybe he’ll show up in the movies or shows some day. Here’s hoping. See you next time!

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Dr. Bustos


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