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December 24, 2015’s Best of 2015 Comic List & Fan Poll!

Once again it’s that time of year for our Best Of… Fan Poll where YOU decide who comes out in the top five in each category! After submissions taken from the staff and fan emails you’ve got a lot to choose from this year and some hard decisions to make here. The fan submissions cover the wide range of talent that fills the industry from indie to mainstream so you might even find something new to get into!

What new title blew you away? Is there a manga that you just couldn’t do without this year? Which artist made your eyes jump out of your skull and dance all over the place from their work? Get your votes in here and let us know who you think should come out on top!


Editor’s note: Click here for the results of the Best of 2015 Fan Poll!!



If you believe there’s something we’ve missed, send your nomination to with “Poll Suggestion” in the title. Please specify a category and be clear in your nomination.



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  1. klue

    The sign of a good fan poll is that it’s actually hard to decide on who to vote for! It took me a while to figure out who to pick in most of the categories which is kind of cool. Just wondering if there will be colorists on the next one? There’s only 2 that stand out to me but it would be cool.

    There also needs to be some serious additions to my comic collecting because I don’t know a lot of these but if fans and you guys were submitting them they have to be good. Looks like I’ve got some more reading to do and soon!

    • Kristin

      Here let me help you:
      Rat Queens. Jem and the Holograms. Sunstone. Bloodstain. Wayward. Gotham Academy. Ms. Marvel. Dr. Strange. DC Bombshells. Red Sonja. Any of the Swords of Sorrow books. Secret Six. Saga. Bitch Planet.
      These are “you need to be reading these.”

      • klue

        Recently started reading Wayward and picked up Bitch Planet when it came out. I’ll give Rat Queens a look and a few of the others when I get a moment! Thanks!

  2. It was an oversight that the colorist and licensed categories weren’t included as we did get submissions for them at the beginning. That’s all my fault but now you can go ahead and vote for your favorites in both!

  3. Kristin

    …… We need to have a TALK about those anime and manga categories.

  4. Todd

    Valiant is killing it! Good for them, they really know how to take care of the fans.

    • Absolutely, Todd! no other publisher is in touch with their fans like Valiant. Great books and great people.

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