December 6, 2015

Character Spotlight: Misty Knight

Who is the woman with a golden arm and deadly aim? Who is the woman who will bail you out and hunt you down? Who is the woman who has a boyfriend who killed a dragon? Misty Knight! That’s who! Probably should explain what the arm and hunting thing is all about and maybe the dragon things. Yeah, there’s more than one thing with dragons, when it comes to Misty Knight, things are interesting. Let’s get to it!


Mercedes “Misty” Knight was a born and bred New York who graduated from the NYPD police academy with top honors. She’d raise the ranks to Lieutenant and have Rafael Scarfe as her partner, the two would make a great team on the force. She’d save a woman named Colleen Wing and the two would become best friends. Misty was the kind of cop all others should strive to be. Sadly, when a bomb is about to go off in a bank, Misty tries to get rid of it but loses her arm in the process. Her heroic sacrifice gets the attention of Tony Stark who gave her the gift of a hi-tech prosthetic arm.

While her new arm made her stronger than before, the bombing was going to force Misty to sit behind a desk for the rest of her career with the NYPD. So she quit. Teaming up with Colleen Wing, the two would open Nightwing Restorations, a private investigation firm. It was in the P.I. business that Misty would meet Danny Rand, the Iron Fist. He’s the guy who killed a dragon with his martial arts and tore out its heart to gain its power. The two would become romantically involved on again off again over the years. Misty and Colleen would become known for their martial arts skills and gain the nickname “The Daughters of the Dragon.”


Soon, Misty and Colleen were working with the Heroes for Hire,¬†Danny Rand and Luke Cage, on many cases. The two enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship in dealing with strange criminals and clients. When Danny is believed dead, Misty is one of the few people not to agree and goes on to rescue him with the help of Namor and Namorita. Eventually, Misty and Colleen had the idea to become bail-bondsmen, bailing out low-level supervillains, then proceed to hunt the villains’ bounties if they did not go to their court dates.

When Civil War breaks loose, Misty is one of the few heroes to register. She reluctantly uses her skills to aide Tony Stark. This puts a strain on her and Danny’s relationship as he is very much anti-registration. Misty would be on a Heroes for Hire mission that would have her face off against Devil Dinosaur, she survived to tell the tale.


Arriving back from her time in the Savage Land, Misty would discover that the Hulk had returned from a space-launched exile with an army of beings with similar strength to the Hulk. She ends up in a situation that breaks up the current Heroes for Hire team but she is able to help stop Hulk’s robots to help her get through her feelings about this.

Misty and Danny would move in together and Misty would learn that she was pregnant but this turned out to be a false pregnancy. This causes them to realize that while they wish to be together, they should perhaps live separately.


Back when Nightwing Restorations wouldn’t always have business, Misty was able to find work as a paralegal for Nelson & Murdock. So when Daredevil was taking claim of Hell’s Kitchen with The Hand as his army, Misty was understandably concerned for her friend. She originally got asked to investigate the death of a low-level criminal, believed to be perpetrated by The Hand. Misty would discover that it was actually several police officers, including her old partner Scarfe, using The Hand as an excuse to get rid of criminals without justice. Able to have the corrupt officers incriminate themselves in front of the police and Hand, she was able to stop the killings. Joinging with other heroes would go in to try and find out what was really going on with Matt Murdock and learned he’d been possessed by a demonic entity of The Hand which they were able to rid him of.

Creating a new Heroes for Hire, Misty soon realizes she is actually in a false reality by the villain Puppet Master using her new arm to take control of other heroes. Able to break free of this reality Misty isn’t able to get answers from her captor because his latest puppet, The Punisher, puts him in a coma once freed.


Valkyrie of Asgard needs assistance and Misty joins her in a case of magical threats and soon they form a team called the Fearless Defenders. Taking on threats such as the Brood and helping those affected by the citywide spread of terrogen mist, causing new Inhumans to come into existence.

When the team disbands Misty goes deep undercover to find out how deep Hydra’s infilitrations of S.H.I.E.L.D. goes. She teams up with Sam Wilson, formerly The Falcon and currently Captain America. After ridding SHIELD of Hydra’s influence, the two, along with Dennis Dunphy, D-Man, form a team separate from SHIELD or the U.S. government to help people on a more personal level. Misty had quite a great time getting to use as many Teen Wolf references as possible when Sam got turned into a werewolf.


There you have it folks! Misty Knight is one of my favorites and she’s punched a shark. Straight up wasn’t going to have any of that nonsense. She’s going to be appearing in the Luke Cage show next year on Netflix and I cannot wait to see her show up. See you next time!

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