October 20, 2015

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 10/14/15

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Written by: Arnab
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batman and robin eternal 2 Batman and Robin Eternal #2
Writers: Tim Seeley, James Tynion IV, and Scott Snyder
Artists: Paul Pelletier, Tony Kordos, and Rain Beredo
Cover Artists: Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, and Tomeu Morey
Publisher: DC

It’s gutsy move, expecting people to invest in a weekly comic book, especially so soon after one just finished. However, if these first two issues are indicative of how the next 24 issues are going to play out, it’s going to be worth it. To sum up the first two issues in two words: Cassandra Cain. Cassandra is back, she’s kicking ass left and right, and she’s somehow managed to keep that aura of mystery about her, though that probably has a lot to do with the lack of speaking. While the whole premise of Batman keeping yet another secret from the Bat-family is becoming tiring, these two issues play out rather well. Cassandra has already proven herself to be a formidable foe, having first sparred with Dick and then battling it out with The Orphan. It isn’t particularly a surprise, considering her background from pre-Flashpoint, however it is nice to see some characters get the welcome back that they are due. 4.5/5

batman superman 25Batman/Superman #25
Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Cliff Richards and Beth Sotelo
Cover Artist: Francis Manapul
Publisher: DC

Who knew that all it would take for the Bat-family to start acting like an actual family, was for Bruce to die. Obviously that’s a slight exaggeration, but since Bruce’s “death” the rest of the Bat-family have appeared in each other’s books way more often than they did in the past. Even Dick, who was supposed to have said goodbye to his Gotham life, is not only still in Gotham in Batman and Robin Eternal, but he’s now showing up to help Superman with Red Hood. Speaking of Superman, this series may be titled Batman/Superman, but Greg Pak really made the right choice locking Gordon-Batman out of this issue, and hopefully some of the future one’s as well. It would actually have been really cool to see Superman working with different members of the Bat-Family in the same manner in which Bruce worked with different partners in Batman & Robin after Damian’s death. This issue wasn’t anything particularly amazing, but it was nevertheless amusing to watch Superman and Batgirl interact. 3.5/5

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Arnab Pradhan


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  1. B&R Eternal has been damn good so far and seeing Cassie again is icing on the cake!

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