August 9, 2015

Character Spotlight: Big Barda

Hails from a planet of evil. Trained to be a brutal killer and lead an army of them. Protector of Earth and any who are good. Wait, how did we get to that step? Guess we should get into this a little bit. Who is this? Big Barda! Female Fury turned Justice League member. So how does she go from a dangerous murderer to a benevolent, yet still very dangerous hero? Let’s find out!


Big Barda of the planet Apokolips, daughter of Big Breeda, was taken from her mother at a young age to Granny Goodness’ Home for Orphaned Youth. Granny saw that this child could grow up to be the leader of Darkseid’s Female Furies Battalion. Raised with the phrase “Die for Darkseid” drilled into her mind over and over, Barda would excel as a warrior.


Barda would meet manic pixie dream boy, Scott Free, the adopted son of Darkseid who was born from the enemy planet of New Genesis. Though he’d been raised under horrible conditions, Free refused to give in to Darkseid and Granny’s treatment. This touched Barda and she would eventually fall in love with Scott and vice versa.


This new found love along with knowing one of her own ┬áhad been tortured to death merely for dancing, Barda had had enough. She aided Scott’s escape and along with several of her Furies, would join a New Genesis rebel force. Along with her Furies, Scott, and his friend Oberon, Barda would head to Earth to be away from Apokolips and its corrupting influence.


Barda and the Furies would aide Scott and Oberon with their plan as an entertainment act to support themselves on Earth. Scott would be an escape artist and the others would do what they could to keep the act fresh. Eventually the Furies would return to Apokolips while Barda and Oberon became good friends. The Highfather of New Genesis, Scott’s biological father, would preside over the marriage of Barda and Scott.


When Scott joins the Justice League, Barda is by his side providing serious muscle and firepower for the team. She would often end up having to go after and rescue her husband as Granny still hated them both for escaping her. Both she and her husband would die and be resurrected at least once with their time as part of the Justice League.


She would work to bring together a team of heroes who could take on the living godlike weapon, Mageddon. During this battle she would be injured and afterwards she would resign from the Justice League. Going into semi-retirement with Scott, the two would still help their friends when needed. Such as when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman needed to rescue Supeergirl from Darkkseid’s influence by going to Apokolips.


During the Death of the New Gods event, Barda would die at the hands of the Infinity-Man along with many other New Gods. She would be resurrected along with the rest of the New Gods and New Genesis though not much else is known. In the New 52, Barda and Scott live in the Earth-2 dimension.

Big Barda

There you have it! Big Barda is one of the most fun characters in DC’s roster because she has lived in hell and finds her new life to be heaven. She celebrates life and loves with her whole heart. She’s protective of her friends and family and will crush anyone who tries to hurt them. I can get behind that. See you next time!

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