August 4, 2015

Official ‘Deadpool’ HD Red Band Trailer!

It’s vulgar, crass, rude, and everything you’d expect in the trailer for the upcoming Deadpool film! It’s finally here in all of it’s unedited HD glory an Looking much better than the leaked footage that fans rushed to see after SDCC.

We get a glimpse of who Wade Wilson is and what drives him before he dons the costume. There’s also that classic Deadpool wit and breaking of the fourth wall we’ve come to enjoy over the years as well. So sit back and enjoy Ryan Reynolds as the Merc With A Mouth as he shoots, punches, and slices his way through some bad guys!

When the film finally hits screens February 12, 2016 lets hope it lives up to the hype and was worth the wait. Though the few minutes of Deadpool we get in this trailer is a quantum leap above what fans got in that Wolverine: Origins movie!

So get your chimichangas and Enjoy!


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