August 1, 2015

Image Reviews: Wayward #10

wayward10Wayward #10
blisher: Image
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Steve Cummings & Tamra Bonvillain
Cover: Steve Cummings & Tamra Bonvillain

Before we even get into the narrative as the second arc wraps up, let’s just take a few minutes to appreciate the visuals from Cummings and Bonvillain. These two have consistently brought out the best in Zub’s scripts and their synergy is so close to perfection we should get an issue of just their artwork to move the story. There’s a battle between the Yokai and the kids which runs through most of the issue that is a great display of their powers and shows an increased level of confidence when using them. It’s a series of intense scenes and one where Emi gets to take center stage instead of the current butt kicker, Ayane. Though she does have a moment where her strength, grace, and agility all come together in a powerful eye popping panel. Bonvillain’s colors are a high point because there’s always that extra kick to the story you’ll find somewhere along the way. The lighting effects from the mystical energies never get old and whether it’s the Earth Spider Queen’s multiple eyes or Rori’s manipulation of the Weave it’s always impressive. It’s all brought together in a final page that makes the declaration that much more powerful. Even the little bits of Weave in Rori’s dialogue bubbles are just another visual demonstration of how much stronger she’s become and helps bring that entire scene together.

As Zub wraps up this issue he lets us in on the fact that the entire group has a much larger role to play and it’s not just all about Rori. It’s a pivotal moment and an excellent cliffhanger that will leave you impatiently waiting for the next issue. Leading up to this is a decent amount of action and even a hint that the Earth Spiders might have motives of  their own. So again he’s slipped in another seamless plot thread and cleverly beefed up Emi’s character at the same time. As usual you’ll also get a deeper look into the mythology and supernatural with Zack Davisson which provides an all around richer reading experience.

Wayward is a fantastic title that is rich in Japanese mythology and a great entry point for those that aren’t ready to dive head first into manga territory. The creative team is consistently bringing quality on all fronts to make sure that your money is well spent. So pre-order, get the single issues, and the trade because it’s that good of a story!

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