July 28, 2015

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 07/22/15

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Written by: Arnab
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grayson 10Grayson #10
Writers: Tim Seeley and Tom King
Artists: Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox
Cover Artists: Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox
Publisher: DC

Closing in on a year of publishing, this series is easily becoming one my favorite books that DC is publishing. Everything about this book, from the writing to the art, meshes wonderfully together. Tim Seeley and Tom King have done an absolutely wonderful job with this title. Their book isn’t a flashy one, granted there is a decent amount of action; the heart of their story is in their characters, their development, and their interactions with one another. Not only that, but their characterization of Dick Grayson in particular is perfect. Mikel Janin and Jeromy Cox make a wonderful art team. Janin’s style perfectly suits the tone of the story and Cox’s colors really enhance the mood and the emotion of the book. 4.5/5

teen titans 10Teen Titans #10
Writer: Will Pfeifer
: Felipe Watanabe, Trevor Scott, and Dan Brown
Cover Artists: Ben Caldwell
Publisher: DC Comics

At some point you would think that the in fighting amongst the Teen Titans would stop, but it doesn’t. With a team that has historically been remarkably tight-knit, this arc highlights exactly what’s been wrong with this group for the past year. The team barely feels like they are a group of friends and instead feels like a group of teenaged coworkers. Red Robin is the “leader” but he’s been written uncharacteristically since the new52 began, and while some characters have shone, like Bunker and Raven, the others have just fallen flat. And after a certain amount of fighting and destruction of property, it doesn’t seem plausible that the team would just forgive and forget and reunite as a group. 3/5

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Arnab Pradhan


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  1. Pre New 52 Teen Titans was good and early New 52 Titans started off pretty solid as well. I just want the series to get back to that type of fun that makes me happy I spent my money on the issue.

    Robin has only felt like the “leader” because he is who he is. Not like he’s actually leading a team and this hasn’t felt like a team book in a very long time. There’s an amount of bickering and arguing that teenagers do and I get that but this seems to be the ONLY thing they do and have done when not busy taking time out to throw a few punches. Maybe it’s to help build drama but let’s at least make it interesting and fun drama.

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