July 8, 2015

AHR Visions Reviews: The Eight #1

TheEight_issue1-1The Eight #1
Publisher: AHR Visions
Writer: Abdul H. Rashid
Artist: Abdul H. Rashid & Alexander Cutri
Cover: Adbul H. Rashid & Alexander Cutri

There have been attacks on immortals across the globe, but before the UK base fell a message was sent out to a specific group in hopes they could stop the murderer. Their numbers are shrinking fast and time is of the essence. However, they are woefully unprepared for what’s coming and if they don’t step it up, it’s going to get them all killed.

The opening is probably one of the most significant parts of the issue as Rashid has chosen what many might see as The Eight’s final moments of life to kick things off. What is great about it is that you get a brief overview of what The Eight are from their leader Hannibal. There is mention of their immortality, strength, and legendary status. However, when you see what’s taking place in the panels it seems like the proud recollections of a man about to die. Now, a huge part of the issue takes place in the past where Rashid skillfully uses mythology, biblical stories, and folklore all with a twist to establish the origin the group of immortals called United. The amount of world building here is one of the high points of the story along with the debate between Ra and Set. It’s a conversation that is smart, layered, and you can find yourself agreeing with either character at times. But Rashid shifts the tone when it comes time for Ra to punish Set which sets up the villain who still sees his way as righteous. We don’t get to spend a lot of time with The Eight which is my one gripe with this issue. Only because there is a perfect time at the meeting for us to at least get everyone’s names but yet only a few are given through the course of the conversation.

As far as the visuals go, Rashid’s style just gets better every time I see his work. That opening shot of Hannibal getting knocked through the air is such a visceral sequence and it pretty much leaps off of the page. The character designs of the angels is another visual high point that is filled with a lot of intricate detail and keeps your eye moving from head to toe. Set’s punishment sequence is very powerful and well executed as he descends into the Earth. All of which is brought together by Cutri’s colors that add another layer of depth and fun to the visual storytelling here.

The flagship title from AHR Visions sets up an interesting premise with plenty of action, drama, and smart storytelling that people are asking for. Most of all, The Eight is the prelude to something bigger so pick it up or you’ll miss another great comic the industry so sorely needs!


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