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July 1, 2015

Marvel’s Official All-New, All-Different Previews!

Here is the official list of how the Marvel Universe will look post Secret Wars and though there were a few leaks earlier this week, there are several surprises sprinkled in here!

The Future is Here! Presenting All-New, All-Different Marvel!

New York, NY—July 1st, 2015— This Fall, prepare for an all-new, all-different Marvel Universe to begin! The House of Ideas is kicking off this bold publishing initiative with the free ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT MARVEL PREVIEWS, available today in comic shops! Can’t make it to a comic shop? Download the updated version right now via the Marvel Digital Comic Store or Marvel Comics App! Peer into the next phase of the Marvel Universe with striking images from some of the new titles launching this fall!

“Dropping the mic right before San Diego Comic-Con has become a Marvel tradition,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “The magazine provides a large snapshot of what’s to expect in the fall: new characters, new teams, new wrinkles for our heroes, and most importantly, fresh creative directions.  And we’re just getting started.  We have a few more aces up our sleeves.”





Amazing_Spider-Man_1_Promo Angela_Queen_of_Hel_1_Promo Astonishing_Ant-Man_1_Promo Captain_Marvel_1_Promo Carnage_1_Promo Contest_of_Champions_1_Promo Daredevil_1_Promo Deadpool_1_Promo Doctor_Strange_1_Promo Drax_1_Promo Extraordinary_X-Men_1_Promo Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_1_Promo Howard_the_Duck_1_Promo Howling_Commandos_of_SHIELD_1_Promo Illuminati_1_Promo Invincible_Iron_Man_1_Promo Karnak_1_Promo_1 Ms_Marvel_1_Promo New_Avengers_1_Promo Nova_1_Promo Old_Man_Logan_1_Promo Sam_Wilson_Captain_America_1_Promo Scarlet_Witch_1_Promo Silk_1_Promo Spider-Gwen_1_Promo Spider-Man_1_Promo Spider-Man_2099_1 Spider-Woman_1_Promo Squadron_Supreme_1_Promo Star-Lord_1_Promo The_Mighty_Thor_1_Promo The_Totally_Awesome_Hulk_1_Promo The_Vision_1_Promo Ultimates_1_Promo Uncanny_Avengers_1_Promo Uncanny_Inhumans_1_Promo_1 Uncanny_X-Men_1_Promo Venom_Spaceknight_1_Promo Web_Warriors_1_Promo


Whew! That is a lot of titles and it also looks like some of the fears that there would be no X-Men titles in Marvel’s new launch are put to rest as well! So what are you most looking forward to or staying far away from in this list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. So Venom is a SpaceKnight? He’ll never be ROM. Ever.

  2. Bruce

    If Marvel wanted me to completely turn my back on them, mission accomplished. This looks like garbage.

    These characters and taglines are largely recycled and regurgitated. There may be a couple of Marvel books worth buying nowadays, and I doubt that number will increase with this new direction. The one overriding thought I have when looking through all of this is how sever the lack of creativity must be at Marvel these days (aside from Lemire). Either that, or the people in charge are bent on maximizing the dollars with the thinking that new titles and #1s! will get us to give them our money.

    I’ll stick to indie books, and the back issue bins.

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