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June 28, 2015

Character Spotlight: Lois Lane Pt. 2

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Welcome back! When we last left Lois Lane she was dealing with a lot of wild superhero stuff and she doesn’t even wear spandex! Superman had died and returned all while the two are engaged to be married. Besides that Lois had dealt with gods, aliens, cults, and more. All in a day’s work for the world’s greatest reporter. So what happens next? Let’s find out!

During the attack by Doomsday, many buildings were destroyed, Lois noticed that several LexCorp-owned buildings were destroyed in ways that didn’t match the rest. This would start a long series of investigations where Lois would be kidnapped by a newly made Bizarro and learn that the man claiming to be Lex’s son was actually Lex Luthor in a cloned body. It’s this last revelation that causes Luthor to target Lois and try to discredit her in her career and unravel her life. While she looks to be losing her mind, Lois is able to stop Lex’s plot to destroy Metropolis with the help of Superman to get rid of the bombs.


When a villain, Conduit, learns Superman’s secret identity, he targets the people in his life. Lois is nearly killed and assumed dead and she uses this to her advantage to be able to sneak back to Clark and his parents to help. After Conduit is dealt with Superman is put on trial by an alien race and Lois must enlist the help of another superhero, the Centurion, to get him back even though she and the Centurion do not get along.


Lois and Clark’s relationship is straining due to his responsibilities as Superman and she takes in a mermaid named Lori as a roommate who she learns was asked to be married by Clark long ago. Things only get more chaotic as Lois gets poisoned by the Joker which further strains things when Lois learns that Clark could have saved her life sooner had he killed the Joker for the antidote but didn’t. It would take the intervention of Mister Mxyzptlk and his weird schemes to get Lois and Clark back together.


Soon to be married, Lois and a powerless Clark go on a trip to Hawaii thanks to Lois’ sister. Clark is kidnap and Lois goes Rambo and takes down the terrorist who kidnap her fiance. Married life keeps the wild life Lois is used to as they deal with the return of Intergang, Atomic Skull kidnapping Lois, and Clark turning into a being of pure energy, to name a few.


Even with Lex Luthor becoming president of the U.S. and hiring her father as his Secretary of Defense, Lois is still too busy to deal with that cause she’s got a poisoned Clark to save. Lois hangs around a plethora of alien species and Wonder Woman on different occasions. When Imperiex attacks Earth, Lois loses her father during the battles and after the funeral Lois joins her mother for ¬†a trip around the world to recover from their loss.


Upon her return she begins investigating Luthor’s presidency as he may have known of Imperiex’s attack ahead of time. The Suicide Squad is sent to scare her off the trail but this is Lois Lane, not even Superman can stop her. Lex himself must appear before her and demand she keep up her end of a bargain they once made. Sticking to her word, she does not report the story, Clark does.


For a time Lois is made into a goddess of integrity but finds the power too much. She attacks the gods and learns they are actually demons. She is tempted by this power to resurrect her father but Wonder Woman talks her down from such an idea and she is able to reject her power and become regular, mortal Lois again.


Lois and Clark would adopt a kryptonian child, the son of Zod, naming him Chris. Lois is a pretty good mom and she and Chris form a strong bond. When General Zod and other Phantom Zone prisoners break out Chris would use himself to shut the Phantom Zone, sealing himself off from his new parents. During the events of the Final Crisis, Lois is badly injured in the destruction of the Daily Planet and only magic blood administered by a kiss from Clark is able to save her. Lois is able to see her son Chris again where he is now fully grown due to time dilation, he is the new Nightwing (fun fact: Dick Grayson picked his codename from a story Superman told him of some Kryptonian heroes) of Kandor along with his possible romantic partner but definitely his partner in crime fighting, Flamebird.


Lois learns his sister has supposedly died in a battle that Supergirl is responsible for. Lois refuses to believe this and her friendship with Supergirl is on the rocks. Lois is held for treason for his unearthing the truth about what is going on. Furthermore, she’s confused because while her sister is not dead but her father is also alive and was responsible for this. Lois is able to get away but quits the Daily Planet to keep everyone there safe. Lucy is able to save Lois but unable to stop her father from destroying New Krypton. Before her father can be tried for his crimes he commits suicide and Lucy is arrested for her working with her father.

In the New 52, Lois Lane is not romantically involved with Clark Kent nor Superman, knowing nothing of the connection between the two. She often deals with Metropolis’ strange situations on her own or with fellow Daily Planet employees and friends. She deals with people-turned-animals, Braniac, and the Doomsday Virus. She would eventually work with Batman and Superman dealing with such criminals as Catwoman and Scarecrow. Lois would even get to borrow an old Batgirl costume to help. Recently, she has started having some suspicions about Clark and what he is constantly running off for.

Lois Lane

There you have! Lois Lane is one of my favorite characters cause she’s got no superpowers beyond her tenacity, stubbornness, and courage. She isn’t going out with a mask or cape, just ready to report what happens and seek out the truth. Of her teamwork with Clark Kent, she’s the dangerous one. The god-like entity looks up to her and has every reason to. Hope you enjoyed reading about Lois and see you next time!

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