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December 15, 2009

DDP Reviews: Jericho Season 3: Civil War #1


Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing
Writer: Dan Shotz & Robert Levine
Artist: Alejandro F. Giraldo
Cover: Scott West

“Season 3:  Civil War”: Jericho was originally a television series which aired on CBS, but due to low ratings it was canceled after its first season.  However, fan outcry was loud and after a campaign which included sending CBS studios over 20 tons of nuts (in reference to a line in the show),  it was brought back for a 2nd season which added 7 more episodes.  After the season 2 finale fans were still left without a definitive conclusion as to what was going to happen to their favorite characters, and now thanks to Devil’s Due Publishing we’re going to get it!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Jericho series, nuclear bombs have detonated on U.S. soil and our country is now split.  The person or persons responsible for the attack are closer than we think, and Robert Hawkins knows the truth which points directly to our own government.  Now in the town of Jericho, Kansas, the residents are trying to hold on to a semblance of their former lives while fighting for their lively-hood, with the threat of another American Civil War looming over the horizon.

Taking place almost immediately after the season 2 finale, this issue gives a bit of a recap of the first two seasons with internal monologue from Hawkins and Green fleshing some bits out.  Then we come to Lackland Air Force Base, where Hawkins is attending a meeting in which Texas is deciding whether or not to throw in with the United States against the Allied States.  They know that they would be a valuable asset, and the General doesn’t hold back in reminding everyone there.  Now throughout all of this are several scenes of  6 fighter jets en route to Texas, and when they get there it’s weapons hot and it hits the fan!  Hawkins and Jake Green just barely escape, but they have a new mission now.  Hawkins was given a message earlier that just said “Help me,”  and now he and Jake are going into the lion’s den to rescue the man responsible for all of this with hopes that he can help them win the war.

Seeing the story from the TV show continue on is pretty cool, and hopefully this will be a great 6 issue series.  Dan Shotz and Robert Levine are working with the writing staff from the show, and it’s evident as the book reads like one of the episodes.  Giraldo’s artwork is pretty good, and he was able to capture the characters’ likenesses from the show more consistently than I thought.  Now,  it would have been helpful to maybe put in more back story at the end of the book, because this issue seems like it’s geared more towards those of  us familiar with the television series than say a new reader.  The very few pages you do get of a recap in no way explain the events of the past 2 seasons, so if you want to really enjoy the book, I’d say watch them, because the more familiar you are the more you’ll probably enjoy the series and possibly…go nuts!

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