June 12, 2015

Top Cow Previews: Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #1

Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #1
Story: Matt Hawkins & Dan Wickline
Art: Linda Sejic
Cover A: Linda Sejic
Cover B: Rahsan Ekedal
Cover C Incentive Cover: Linda Sejic

Set in the Honorverse from the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, this is the first ever completely original comic story arc!  Honor Harrington’s uncle, last seen investigating a Vegas-like space station for its use of Mesan genetic slaves, is now missing and she takes a leave of absence from the military to find him deep in Solarian territory.


TOHBTK001_Preview01 TOHBTK001_Preview02 TOHBTK001_Preview03 TOHBTK001_Preview04 TOHBTK001_Preview05 TOHBTK001_Preview06

TOHBTK001_covA TOHBTK001_covB TOHBTK001_covC TOHBTK001_covE

Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #1 will be on shelves June 17th!


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