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June 14, 2015

Character Spotlight: Lois Lane

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Written by: Dr. Bustos

The greatest hero of Metropolis. The seeker of truth no matter the risk to her own life. She fights for truth and justice without the assistance of alien physiology. Lois Lane has been around since day one of the Superman story. She’s been reporting the news and getting into all sorts of strange adventures all her own. So what kind of strange things has she been a part of? Let’s find out!


Lois Joanne Lane is the eldest daughter of Sam and Ella Lane and was raised in a military family. She was another mother for her younger sister Lucy and the two were raised as if they were part of their father’s military unit. The two were trained in many forms of combat, including knife thowing… with their toes.


At 15, Lois would try and get a job at the Daily Planet by lying to editor-in-chief Perry White about her age to get a job. Lucy would tell Perry the truth but Lois wasn’t out yet when she overheard that if anyone could get a scoop with Lex Luthor, they’d be in Perry’s good graces. Lois proceeded to break into Luthor tower and steal some files. Lex would catch her in the act but was so impressed she could do this and had the audacity to, he let her go. Perry was impressed as well and hired her.


Becoming the Daily Planet’s raising star, making all kinds of enemies and allies along the way. She’d win a Pulitzer Prize in her early years there. While working on a piece by riding on an experimental space shuttle, the shuttle would experience a malfunction and begin plummeting back to Earth. This was not the end of Lois or anyone on the ship as a lone person was able to lift and carry the ship mid-air safely to the ground. As soon as they landed, Lois was out the ship’s door trying to interview this mystery man. She was only able to get so close to him before crowds arrived to swarm them both. Lois didn’t get the interview then, but she was the one to name him Superman.


Realizing this was the scoop of the century, Lois would fake an accident to lure Superman out. It worked and she’d get the chance to talk with him, unfortunately by the time she got to Perry with the story, she’d been beaten to the punch. New reporter Clark Kent had shown up with an interview already locked down and turned in to Perry. While it was hate at first sight with Clark for that move, the two would eventually become good friends and frequently were partners at work.


Lois would become one of the first people allowed to visit Themyscira, home island of the Amazons. She’d team up with Wonder Woman to take on Eris, goddess of discord to stop war from breaking out among the Amazons. Lois fought a god while working on an article, it ain’t no thing for her.


Lois would eventually be engaged to Clark, he would reveal he was Superman soon after. Lois was annoyed to realize this was how Clark had ever gotten the leg up on her for a story but then felt pretty good realizing that the only being who could one up her had to have godlike superpowers. Engaged life didn’t diminish any excitement from Lois’s existence, she’d deal with an invasion by the remnants of the planet Warworld.


The hardest story Lois ever had to write was covering the death of Superman at the hands of the monster Doomsday. She had to pretend her fiance was not dead and was just off on assignment. When it was discovered that Superman’s body had been stolen from his grave, Lois took chase. It turned out to be Cadmus Labs had stolen his body and Lois would report the story since she couldn’t get it out by herself. Thankfully, Supergirl was able to get the body back for her and they could return it to its grave.


Pa Kent suffered from a heart attack and Lois rushed to Smallville to be there with him and Ma Kent. When he awoke, he explained to Lois that he’d seen Clark and that he’d brought him back with him somehow, when Lois returned to Metropolis, she was flooded with stories of Superman being seen again. It turned out to be several Supermen were flying around, all except one. Lois was skeptical of all these Supermen but when the one with no powers came back from a battle fully powered, she realized her fiance was back.


Hey! Know what’s fun? Making a spotlight about Lois Lane. Know what’s more fun? Writing another spotlight about Lois Lane! I can only imagine it’ll be even more fun having more to read about Lois. She’s one of my favorites so join us in two weeks where we talk more about the life of one of the greatest reporters in comics. See you next time!

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  1. InfiniteSpeech

    Lois has gone through some serious transformations over the years. Never knew she teamed up with Wonder Woman either! lol

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