June 7, 2015

Image Reviews: Big Man Plans #3 (of 4)

BigManPlans_03-1_300_462Big Man Plans #3  (of 4)
Writer(s): Eric Powell & Tim Wiesch
Artist: Eric Powell
Cover: Eric Powell

You can beat him, you can burn him, and you can beat him again but The Big Man just keeps on coming back to finish the job! As Wiesch and Powell make it painfully clear that nothing will stop him until things are settled with everyone involved. But we also get to meet at least one more person who was kind to our vengeance fueled protagonist back when he was a child and tormented for being different from the others. It’s a flashback that is encouraging and inspiring right up until Powell and Wiesch turn it on a dime and throw you in those crazy, dark parts that have made this ride pretty unpredictable. It’s a strong scene but not just for shock value as it adds yet another layer to The Big Man as you see his dark side emerge at that young age. You’re probably not prepared for what happens next so here’s hoping you don’t have a dentist trip planned soon after reading this issue.

If you’re familiar with Powell’s artwork then you already know how good this title looks. Now, just multiply that times ten and that’s what you’ll actually be seeing in these pages. The level of detail in the characters is very fine and carries much of the story by itself. You can actually feel the hatred oozing from The Big Man’s aunt when she sees him though she’s just lying there paralyzed. The level of damage to his face and body is another very strong scene but nothing looks as vicious as the confrontation with Robert. During the flashbacks Powell shifts the visuals a bit but they are no less effective at moving this story along. The Vietnam flashback even has a very different feel to it than the one from childhood though both get pretty violent.

This is a straight up revenge story with a little dark humor and some heart added to the mix. So this might not end up being a title for everyone and that’s okay. Just know that if this sounds like something you could get into then prepare for a wild ride because, much like The Big Man, Powell and Wiesch are on fire!

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