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June 9, 2015

Interview: Kel McDonald talks Misfits of Avalon

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Are you a fan of magical girls? Do you enjoy a good transformation and dealing with strange monsters? Have you heard of Misfits of Avalon? It’s the comic series by Kel McDonald where some of the last people you’d want saving the day get the power and responsibility to do just that. Kel was nice enough to take some time to answer some questions about the series.


Who’s your favorite character that we’ve seen thus far?

Elsie because she is super fun to draw and is very expressive.


Do you have your own magical girl name and power?



Favorite magical girl series?

Sailor Moon cause I just love how diverse the cast is. I like how it gives little girls watching not just different types of girls to relate and connect to but at the same time showing Usagi be not very together. So it’s letting girls know that it’s okay if they aren’t as smart as Mercury or strong as Jupiter, they can still do great things. There is a reason it’s the first magical girl anime most folks think of.


What drew you to using this folklore for the series?

I picked King Arthur mythology as a theme because that helped give structure to the story as a whole. I basically tried to think of a theme for the team and as soon as I decided on King Arthur and Avalon myths everything just clicked together and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


Were there any other mythologies you had thought about using for the series?

Not really, like the story didn’t really form until I decided on King Arthur myths. While I played with other theme ideas none of them seemed to have a story with them and they weren’t myth based.


Did you always picture the book in black and white?

Yes, because I honestly don’t really like working in color. I find black and white more satisfying.


If the Misfits of Avalon got toys, what kind of things would you want them to be able to do?

I guess Morgan and Kimber’s would shoot plastic bits of wind and fire. Rae and Elsie would have some switch that moved their arm with their weapon in hand.


What’s your favorite moment in the series thus far?

Probably when Elsie isn’t listening to Cu and is saying “The dog is talking” over and over.


I want to thank Kel McDonald for the interview and all of you for reading. Check out the comic’s new story arc at the website and get the first trade by Dark Horse Comics.


Dr. Bustos



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