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June 7, 2015

Marvel Shapshot: Character Spotlight: Miss America Chavez

She’s beauty. She’s grace. She’ll punch you in the face. She’s Miss America Chavez. Member of the Young Avengers, traveler from another dimension, and she totally rocks the red, white, and blue garb. She can kick your butt as well as the walls between realities but where does she come from? I mean, another dimension is pretty vague and how does she get to be so cool? Let’s find out!


The Utopian Parallel was a dimension separate from the rest of the Multiverse (where all Marvel realities reside) where America Chavez was the child of their dimension’s two greatest heroes. When the Utopian Parallel is collapsing due to inter-dimensional black holes, America’s mothers sacrifice themselves to safely merge their home dimension into the Multiverse. America was just 6 years old at the time she lost everything she had known or loved. Alone, America didn’t want to take over her mothers’ responsibilities as the Utopian Parallel’s hero, she kicked her way into whatever dimension she could and ran away from home.


Having traveled the Multiverse for many years, America would arrive in the 616th reality. This reality was home to the Marvel heroes many readers were familiar with. She would take up residents as just another superhero among many.She would team up with the Teen Brigade and take on the name Miss America where she’d co-lead the team with the Ultimate Nullifier. Their main adversary were the Young Masters of Evil and America would make it her goal to stop them from recruiting Kid Loki. For her trouble, Kid Loki would knock her into the 6th dimension where America would have to fight until She-Hulk, along with other heroes, were able to rescue her. Back in the 616, America would reunite with the Teen Brigade one last time to take on the Young Masters along with Doctor Doom in Latveria.


Leaving the Teen Brigade, America would be confronted by Kid Loki asking her to take on a hit for the hero Wiccan. Naturally, America was disgusted with the idea of killing another hero and decided she would make it her business to protect Wiccan from Loki and his attempts. She’d get involved with what would be the second iteration of the Young Avengers to protect Wiccan and his boyfriend Hulkling from Kid Loki’s plan. The team would end up fighting off an entity known as Mother that Wiccan had accidentally summoned and would transform all adults into her slaves against America and the other Young Avengers. She and fellow teammate Kid Loki (yeah, he joins the team too) would frequently fight since she did not trust the trickster god, cause America actually gets what that kind of god does.


After the defeat of Mother with the help of just about every young hero in all the 616 and beyond, America would join them all for a party to celebrate the end of the battle. She’d stay in touch with her friends in Young Avengers better than she ever did with the Teen Brigade. As of the Secret Wars, America had been part of A-Force protect a near paradise until she threw a Megaladon outside of their borders and forced to go and fight to protect those borders from Mr. Sinister clones and any other threats.

America Chaves On Physics

There you have it! The urge to just post images of America being amazing and just typing out the lyrics to a certain song was a strong temptation. America Chavez is one of my favorite characters ever. She’s a Latin powerhouse superhero who can go toe-to-toe with some of the heaviest hitters out there and still be the best friend to someone. She takes no guff and will throw you into the sun if she thinks it’ll get things done. I hope to see her more in the future. Bless America.

Miss America Chavez medium rare steak

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Miss America

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