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May 15, 2015

Image Reviews: RunLoveKill #2

RRunLoveKill-2-1unLoveKill #2
Publisher: Image
Writer(s): Jonathan Tsuei & Eric Canete
Artist: Eric Canete & Leonardo Olea
Cover: Manu Fernandez

The mysterious organization known as The Origami are on the trail of Rain who has been avoiding capture for quite some time. But after the events of last issue it’s very clear that they are very close to their goal and she knows it as well. So with that knowledge she does something pretty unexpected and hits the club for a night of some serious partying. However, at this club the roof isn’t on fire but crashing down in a hail of glass and armored mech ready to do what it takes to capture their prey.

Canete and Tsuei peel back several more layers regarding Rain’s past to give us some context as to what’s going on now. There’s a bit more explanation as to why she was running last issue though the moments that frame that are a little bit confusing. Was she aided in her escape only to have that person turn on her? Was she set up? I’m pretty sure these questions will be answered later in the series but it does throw you off for a moment. After the flashbacks things move a little more smoothly with the club sequence and the impending attack. Also the exchange between Tin and Deyliad is hilarious and a nice break in the tense atmosphere of the story. Most of that is carried by the Origami Agent, Janus and Rain herself. She’s a bit hard to get a read on because we’ve only been given glimpses of her backstory so far. So it’s even questionable if we should even feel completely sorry for her at is point.

Just like in the first issue, Cenete and Olea provide some very strong and fluid visual sequences from start to finish. From the character designs to their surroundings your eyes will be satisfied with what’s in these panels. Which thankfully don’t all contain a lot of dialogue as some strictly allow the art to carry the story. Especially with the club scene that shows Rain partying hard enough to put most entertainers to shame. The art is also in total synch with the narrative and really does well to elevate certain areas of the story. You can just feel the weight of every chase or action scene that takes place and most leave you wanting more by the end.

RunLoveKill has some familiar sci-fi elements but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a thrill ride to get into. So if a good sci-fi story is your thing then by all means go out and pick this up!


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