April 11, 2015

Top Cow Reviews: IX Generation #3

IXG3_covBIX Generaton #3
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist: Stjepan Sejic
Cover: Stjepan Sejic

The infighting continues as Hawkins takes us several hundred years back to shed some light on how the Artifacts play into this centuries old conflict. The Chairwoman is behind some very questionable acts that involve these powerful objects and is responsible for their disappearance. Now that the Darkness has returned it’s wielder has a score to settle and is holding Aphrodite accountable for the transgressions of her “mother”. This new threat has made Aphrodite IX want to focus all attention to the warning but her siblings are too busy trying to kill each other to take it seriously.

Hawkins has been carefully building this corner of the Top Cow Universe and making it stand out from what’s come before. This seamless blend of science, magic, and over the top bad assery continues to make this a consistent and fun read. The conflict between the family members really helps to keep the tension going even when the pacing slows down a little. Though even when that happens you need to watch out because Hawkins will throw in something you didn’t see coming. A rarity in some comics but it’s so great when it actually happens!

Stjepan Sejic (who might be part robot himself) provides another good looking issue of IX Generation on top of all the other great art he puts out there for us to enjoy. His creature designs are always top notch and his tech is very cool but he never loses the story and tone of what’s happening. There are so many good looking panels in this issue that you’re bound to have a few you want to go over several times. He’s great at providing those big moments like ships being taken out with a rail gun during an aerial chase but the smaller moments are just as strong. There’s a panel where Hades is declaring she’s the “Alpha” that just oozes attitude and cockiness and it’s perfect!

Almost anything can happen with this story and it’s nice to be at a point where not knowing is so much fun. The world building taking place right now is worth a look if you’re a long time fan of the series or if you’re just looking for something new to get into. So get into IX Generation and have some fun!

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