April 8, 2015

Gotta Have It!: Doctor Who Edition



interlogged Whovians rejoice! Spring is coming and’s got all the shaggy swag to tickle your Tardis. In today’s Gotta Have It, we’re reviewing BBC’s Doctor Who gear. You don’t have to be a hardcore Who fanatic to know there is nothing quite like hitting a convention floor shoulder to shoulder with comic geeks and sci-fi nerds, showing your allegiance to the fandom that surrounds this international phenomenon and looking damn cute doing it. This week we are reviewing not one but TWO items straight from the geek gear gold vein that is First item up is the Doctor Who Police Box Laplander Royal Blue Beanie.Model: Michelle

The Doctor Who Police Box Laplander Royal Blue Beanie is a blended acrylic-polyester knit winter cap with the classic Tardis design woven right into the face of it. For bonus adorbs points, it has the old school puff ball, ear flaps, and connected chin ties just like you had back in the old days when you were still innocent and blissfully unaware of the horrifying threat that the Daleks posed to the universe. Let me ask you this: you ever bought a hat from a street vendor before? The thin feel of the material on your head aside. if you were cool enough to rock a puffball then did you notice the way it felt small and unsubstantial and stuck onto the top of the hat with model airplane glue, masking tape and good intentions? In fact, Untitled 1the whole affair felt so cheap that you hardly gave it a second thought when you left it at a friend’s house. You ever been through that? Well, I’ve got news for you. The Doctor Who Police Box Laplander Royal Blue Beanie is SO not that! The hat feels thick and layered and substantial, so when you scruff your ‘do inside this warm chapeau on a cold day, it’ll feel like wrapping your head in a lovingly British royal blue blanket. On the inverse be warned, the warm nature of this hat makes it less than ideal for looking cute anywhere warmer than a walk-in refrigerator.

Now that we’ve got your head covered, let’s see if we can’t get your toes looking equally stylish. It seems like has just the image-sockdrwhoargtrdotk-primary-shsnowatermarkthing:

The Doctor Who Tardis Argyle Over-the Knee Ladies Socks. These knee length nearly stockings are made out of a polyester-spandex blend that hugs legs in all the best ways. If you were looking to take a left turn out of Cuteville for the more seductive settings of Sexytown with your Whovian cred still intact then these knee-highs are just what The Doctor (see what I did there?) ordered. Here’s another warning for you: knee-length argyle socks emblazoned with the emblematic police box from the series is an almost unfair amount of hotness. Whomever you so choose to unleash the glory of allowing them to see you in these socks had best be worthy. Be prepared to deal with the stuttered speech and smiling slack-jawed awe coming from the lucky so and so’s who just had their mind blown by your Who-approved swag. Even if you just get them for yourself, if you’re not careful, full length mirrors will turn into dangerous distractions as you keep stopping short to check yourself out when catching your reflection, completely disregarding the world around Untitledyou with disastrous consequences.

So right now go check out all the Doctor Who apparel at because with gear like this, you’ll be well on your way to being the Alpha-Whovian that all your friends look to for guidance on all things “Doctor” related. In fact, I have it under good authority that the model in these photos was immediately turned into a time Model: Michellelord when the shoot was finished and it can happen to you, too! All you’ll need is a bowtie, a sonic screwdriver, and a serviceable British accent and you’re halfway home. Now all you’re missing is a literal baker’s dozen of other people who look nothing like you to take your identity when you die or hit the producers up for too much money.


Photo Credit: All photos provided by Eric Snell &
Model: Michele Mass

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