March 31, 2015

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 03/25/15

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Written by: Arnab
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aquaman 40Aquaman #40
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artists: Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons, and Rain Beredo
Cover Artists: Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons, and  Rain Beredo
Publisher: DC

While Mera saves Pacifica from being destroyed by Karaku, Arthur manages to save his relationship with his mother, who until recently he believed had died years ago. It’s a shame to see this series ending after one of the best arcs on Jeff Parker’s run. Maelstrom did get a little slow towards the middle, but for the most part, it ended up being one of Parker’s stronger storylines. And while the goal may have been to settle the legitimacy of his rule, I think what the issue ended up proving is that Mera is all kinds of amazing and deserves, at the very least, a solo mini-series. Like with all books, this series had its ups and downs, however for span of 40 plus issues, this series consistently delivered an entertaining story with gorgeous art to make the experience all the more pleasing. 4/5

batman and robin 40

Batman and Robin #40
Writer: Peter Tomasi
: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz
Cover Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz
Publisher: DC Comics

From the minute Damian’s new powers appeared, readers had to have known they wouldn’t last forever. However, it almost feels like they went away way too quickly. With the series coming to an end, and Robin getting his own series, it would have been fun to see Damian struggling with his powers coming and going. Nevertheless, Peter Tomasi did an excellent job with this issue. Having the Justice League stage an attack and having Robin tag a long was probably the most adorable and fatherly thing Bruce has done for Damian. Which isn’t to say he hasn’t done anything fatherly before, bringing him back from the dead certainly fits the bill, but a lot of their relationship always felt like two partners interacting, whereas this situation distinctly felt like something a father would do for his young child. All in all it was a fitting end to a wonderful run. Tomasi did a tremendous job developing Damian’s character, in particular Bruce and his relationship. Likewise, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz were absolutely amazing the entire run. 4.5/5

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