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March 20, 2015

IDW Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44

TMNT42Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44
Publisher: IDW
Writer(s): Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, Tom Waltz
Artist: Cory Smith
Cover: Cory Smith

Everything has gone horribly wrong and the Turtles are on a strict timetable that will result in the end of the Earth if they aren’t successful. The activation of the Technodrome has begun the terraforming of the planet which will only make it suitable for Krang’s people, thus killing all human life on the planet. Baxter Stockman has put his double cross into motion, Bebop and Rocksteady were ordered to kill Donatello, and Splinter is left alone against Karai and a horde of Foot ninja. Today is not a good day to be one of the good guys because when it’s all said and done, this family that has suffered much, is about to suffer one more loss.

Now, before going any further with the review you should be warned that THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! So if you haven’t read the issue yet and want to be surprised, you have the chance to leave now. If you are still reading this then just know that you have been warned…

Eastman, Waltz, and Curnow have really taken things on one intense roller coaster ride in this latest arc and the finale here was nothing short of a gut punch! The final page of last issue should have been a sign things were going to go south but we had hope. With Shredder defeated on the beach we get to focus on the battle as Mike, Raph, and Leo take on Krang and Stockman’s Flyborgs. And while things are looking tense it looks like the brothers just might pull this off. With spot on dialogue and pacing that keeps you on edge the entire issue. The creative team also shows that Krang’s motivations are still fueled by his ambition to prove to his father that he is destined for more. A nice touch that adds to the development of the character and a nice little payoff for those that read the Krang one-shot.

In one of the most surprising turn of events in comics this week we see Bebop and Rocksteady put a brutal beat down on Donatello. To get an idea of how bad it is, just picture Jason Todd’s demise with the ferocity of fight scenes from The Raid films. As good as they looked, Cory Smith’s panels were just gut wrenching to look at as each blow took Donnie further down the path of defeat. The massive size of Bebop & Rocksteady coupled with the sheer joy the two had while beating on Donnie was chilling. Taking these two villains to an all new level of sinister. Then to see that final page and everyone’s detailed expressions just drove the point home as Donnie’s broken shelled body laid in Splinter’s arms. Ronda Pattison’s colors just do the entire visual story justice and have been excellent for some time.

I don’t think I’ve been this upset about a fallen character since Nightcrawler died. Maybe Donnie is just in critical condition, will heal up, and he’ll build himself a cover for his damaged shell. That may just be wishful thinking but I think we can expect Casey and Raph to lose their minds and go on a rampage and beware any Foot that get in their way. Though I’m still holding on to the thought that Donnie will just be out of the fight for a while.

This was an issue that reminded me how great a comic can be when the company doesn’t spend time spoiling their own stories. It was everything is should have been when something like this happens to such a pivotal character. So IDW needs to be applauded for that because in a day and age of companies revealing huge plot points just to boost sales it’s good to see that at least one is relying on the quality of the story instead of hype.

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