March 19, 2015

Long Beach Comic Expo 2015

Con season in southern California is starting to pick up steam! Long Beach Comic Expo is the first of the season for many residents. The con is still relatively young but it’s got a strong following and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. LBCE was nice enough to allow me in so I return with pictures for you. 102B0570 The con floor was busy but never felt too crowded so that was always nice. There were sections that could get pretty packed but you could always find a spot that didn’t feel cramped. 102B0620 The area where the Cosplay Corner was frequently was one of the busier areas. It was even shark infested. 102B0470There was a free to play set up for Street Fighter 2 and the screen they had was huge so you could see what was going on from about one hundred feet away. 102B0660 102B0670 102B0530 102B0350 102B0340 There was such fun cosplay and it was almost overwhelming, I couldn’t get all the pictures I wanted because that would mean I’d still be trying to take photos of people right now. These were some of the shots I could get. I wish I could have gotten more but I’m glad I could get these few. Big fan of Luke Cage so I was glad I could get him. Loved seeing Gravity Falls represented and I rarely see Ace from the DC Animated Universe so I was ecstatic. That Midnighter cowl was great and those twins always have top notch costumes and those wheels were magnetically attached. This con makes me excited for what I’m going to see for the rest of the year in cosplay.

Overall it was a fun convention and a promising start for this year’s cosplay. I look forward to returning later this year for Long Beach Comic Con. Hope to see you there!

Dr. Bustos



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