March 18, 2015

MonkeyBrain Reviews: The October Girl #3-4

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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October_Girl_03-1The October Girl #3-4
Publisher: MonkeyBrain
Writer: Matthew Dow Smith
Artist: Matthew Dow Smith
Cover: Matthew Dow Smith

Though it took some time, The October Girl is back and we are introduced to the hulking beast who scared Autumn at the end of last issue. Turns out his name is Fred and for reasons unknown, Barnaby was more afraid for him than he was for Autumn. This is just another subtle hint that there is more to her that Smith isn’t telling us just yet. And what he does reveal about her only makes you want to go deeper into this world he’s created. From her imaginary friend who turned out to be real, to the Night Folk who are pursuing her, things are getting very weird. But not as weird as the cliffhanger we get at the end of the upcoming fourth issue as Autumn discovers something new about herself. Smith also introduces a new character in Evan who seems to have more answers about what is happening in her life now.

The visuals continue to be just as strong as the narrative though there is a slight change from what we saw in the first two issues. It’s nothing too drastic and doesn’t hinder the story but it’s noticeable. The sparse color pallet works perfectly here and really helps give the story it’s own flavor.

Matt Smith continues to grow The October Girl ten pages at a time and gives you exactly what you need to enjoy each issue. It’s amazing how in such a short time he brings everything together and it’s so good that the only part that isn’t is the fact that you’re left wanting more. Hopefully we’re treated to more of this on a regular basis as Autumn and readers get to know more about this world and find out what makes her so special.

The October Girl is $0.99 over at Comixology so if you’re looking for a fantasy tale that’s not tens of issues deep into it’s story then head over and give this one a try. And you’ll be able to download issue four on March 25th!

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