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March 10, 2015

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 03/04/15

All-New Hawkeye #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This “All-New” title is getting played out and I might be the only person who thought this was just an “okay” issue.
NickZ: Lemire and Perez did an amazing job following up Fraction and Aja. I loved how they blended the flashback with the present story.

Angel & Faith #12 (Dark Horse)
NickZ: The battle for Fred’s body has just begun. Can poor little Fred beat the all-powerful Illyria?

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #4 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Everyone is going to owe Angela a HUGE apology when this is all over!

Avengers #42 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: The Shi’Ar are coming! The Shi’Ar are coming! Hickman has redeemed himself w/ this issue!

Batman: Detective Comics #40 (DC)
Martin: 3.5/5 stars. The Bullock scenes are the highlight here, but the ending seemed a little rushed and unsatisfying.
NickZ: Anarky comes to it’s conclusion and boy was this a really great Batman story. Manapul and Buccellato can never leave this series! Visual poetry.

Batman Eternal #48 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. The twists keep coming as we wind down. Not sure exactly how Bluebird learned to fight so well that quickly.

Big Man Plans #1 (Dark Horse)descender 1
Infinite Speech: Just go buy this issue if you haven’t already!

Black Science #12 (Image)
Infinite Speech: This series just keeps getting better and better with each page!
Martin: 4/5 stars. Still one of the best, under-rated Science Fiction comics out there. Scalera’s art is the star this issue.
NickZ: Hot damn! Black Science is back and better than ever! (If that’s even possible)

Cluster #2 (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech: Slarreg eats a giant slug brain and pretty much solidifies her as my favorite character in this story!

Day Men #6 (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech: This series has many layers to it and they’re all good!

Descender #1 (Image)
Arnab: Hot Damn, that was everything it was hyped up to be and more. Tim and Bandit? Perfect.
Martin: 4.5/5 stars. I went into this not knowing anything about it. Story is compelling & Nguyen’s art is the perfect match.
NickZ: Descender was amazing! Fantastic art and the beginnings of a great sci-fi adventure! I need my own Tim and Bandit now, please.

Earth 2 #32 (DC)
Martin: 3/5 stars. Sad the series ended this way, as basically just a footnote to World’s End rather than better character exploration.

Earth World’s End #22 (DC)
Martin: 3/5 stars. I just don’t think this series knows where it’s going. Too much going on. Tired of the Parliament stuff.

Grayson #8 (DC)
NickZ: This issues really had the feel of a great James Bond flick. Are you #TeamJim or #TeamJuan? One of them is going to need comforting…lots and lots of comforting.

HaloGen #1 (leia 1Archaia)
Infinite Speech: Sci-fi and corporate espionage that makes for a great first issue!

Hulk #12 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This has been one long but fun story arc. Oh, and Hulk wants to learn kung-fu! $%# just got real!

Imperium #2 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: This should be on your pull list or digital device download list regularly!

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #10 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Kaare Andrews is kicking more ass than the Five Deadly Venoms in this series and you should pay attention!

Lady Killer #3 (Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech: The turning point for our favorite assassin is here.

New 52 Futures End #44 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. 1 of the better issues but if that last panel is an intro to New 52 Futures End Vol 2 I will hurt someone

Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job #1 (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech: Didn’t know what to expect out of this but I had fun and that’s what matters!

The Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #2 (IDW)
NickZ: Powerpuff fans and fans of the OG Cartoon Network shows must read this series!

Princess Leia #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: The great storytelling and art was strong with this issue and THIS is the Leia I remember!
NickZ: Seems like this book is gonna be total girl power and I am fully okay with that.

Robocop #9 (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech: Rpbocop is running on fumes and Detroit is about to burn! Williamson is on fire w/ this series!

Rocket Raccoon #9 (Marvel)
NickZ: Skottie Young is doing great work on this book. The stories are hilarious, action packed, and have the best pop culture references since Deadpool.

Saga #26 (Image)saga 26
Arnab: I just want Hazel and her family to reunite and be happy forever. Is that really too much to ask?
NickZ: Things just keep getting worse and worse for Hazel and her family but I continue to love every second of it!

Spider-Woman #5 (Marvel)
NickZ: The Batgirl-like revamp of Spider-Woman was pretty good, although I found the story a bit to convenient.

Steven Universe #8 (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech: If you like the show you’ll love the comic! And I sing the theme song before I read each issue!

Uber #23 (Avatar)
Martin: 4/5 stars. Some cool new uber-designs including some armor & helmets, plus more on the Russian side of the war.

Wolf Moom #4 (Vertigo)
Infinite Speech: Wouldn’t be in this mess if he would have just shot straight in the first issue. Best werewolf story I’ve read in a long time though!

The Woods #11 (Boom!)
NickZ: The tension is the book keeps on mounting to dangerous levels. I don’t think the characters can take much more. Some major s*** is going down soon!

X-Men #25 (Marvel)
Arnab: Dropped
Infinite Speech: Marvel isn’t taking this seriously so neither will I.
NickZ: X-Men have the best female characters in comics, so you think a book about an all lady team would be amazing…not so much.

X-O Manowar #34 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: Aric just put a creature the size of the Death Star on notice. He has no $#@%s left to give! Another great one from Valiant!




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