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March 8, 2015

Stay Tooned Sundays: Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors – Spider-Verse pt 1

Spider-Verse may be finished in the Marvel comics but the wild ride through parallel worlds has just begun in the animated Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors! Though not on the scale of it’s comics storyline this one is condensed into a four part series that focuses on Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl (Petra Parker), Spider-Ham, Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales), and Spider-Man Noir all teaming up to help defeat Norman Osborne aka the Green Goblin alongside this series’ Spider-Man. The Green Goblin has tricked Electro into being the power source he needs to activate the Siege Perilous and begin his rampage to the parallel worlds to gather the DNA of the many Spider-Men across the worlds.

This episode sets up everything quite nicely before taking us to the year 2099 where we see that not much has changed for Spider-Man’s image. The future is chaotic with it’s flying cars, extremely high buildings, and giant holographic J. Jonah Jameson still blaming the “Web Head” for everything wrong in the city. So when Spider-Man goes to investigate a crime he meets up with an angry Spidey 2099 (voiced by Freddy Rodriguez) who doesn’t believe his story and is very close to quitting being a hero himself. But in true team-up fashion the two have to fight it out before realizing the real threat is Green Goblin.


Spider-Man 2099

Immediately you notice that when entering the world of 2099 we go from the standard animation to the CGI/digital style that makes that timeline’s Spider-Man’s reveal sequence look absolutely great! Goblin also has a more defined and monstrous look in this style which gives him a more menacing vibe in this episode. The story also borrows a little from the comic as it was an interaction with a universe traveling Spider-Man that inspired O’Hara to continue the fight as Spider-Man in his own timeline and reach his heroic potential.

We’re also taken to a world where the gender roles are reversed and get to meet up with Petra Parker (voiced by Olivia Holt). This was definitely the lighter part of the show as we get to see Peter attempt to adjust to being treated as the weak link just because he’s a male. The danger factor is amped up when Goblin locates Norma Osborn and they agree to work together in exchange for a certain prize. However it doesn’t seem as if Electro is too keen on being used as a pawn in all of this and hopefully we get to see him exact some revenge on Green Goblin.

Being that the comic version of Spider-Verse was a bit darker in tone it was nice to see that the changes here kept the spirit of the story while offering something new. Even the simplified plot fits perfectly with what has already been established in the show and the promise of the other versions showing up is all the more reason to watch this. There are also plenty of nods to the comic fans who have been along for the ride the past few years which always makes things a little more enjoyable. Web Warriors does have it’s hiccups when it comes to the humor, but to be honest, it’s aimed at kids who might find it a lot funnier. Aside from that, this is worth checking out to see how this adaptation of Spider-Verse plays out!

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