March 6, 2015

Marvel Reviews: Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #4

AAss4Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #4
Publisher: Marvel
Writer(s): Kieron Gillen & Marguerite Bennett
Artist(s): Phil Jimenez & Stephanie Hans
Cover: Stephanie Hans

With Sera and Angela still on the run from the Odinson we catch up to them in the middle of a poker game with the Guardians ofthe Galaxy. Little do they know that the game is about to come to an abrupt end as the Disir arrive to stop Angela and kill everyone aboard. As in previous issues there’s also a mini story woven into the main narrative that focuses on Sera and Angela. This one not only shines some light on their past but also ties into the reason Angela stole Odin and Freya’s newborn.

Gillen has made Angela’s presence in the Marvel Universe worth reading and this new origin of hers is shaping up to actually be something of importance. A great improvement over when she was first introduced which just seemed clumsy and forced with very little fun involved. This series has so far given her a purpose and while Gillen expands on her conflict with her Asgardian family he’s also produced a very solid relationship between Angela and Sera. This has been one of the stronger areas of the story and a nice way to change things up while tying into the main narrative. Gillen also doesn’t shy away from showing us how much of a warrior Angela is. The battle with the Disir is violent, bloody, and there’s even a decapitation to top it all off! The addition of the Guardians is just as effective as they were the first people she formed a true connection with. So, maybe at some point we’ll get a Gamorra and Angela one-shot or mini series because they pretty much stole the show in this issue.

This is still one good looking series with the art of Jimenez and Hans moving the visual story. The entire art team is in sync and whether it’s Drax and Angela tearing through Disir or the quieter moments with Angela and Sera the quality is great. Many panels just stand out on their own and even with the two varying styles it doesn’t interfere with the flow of the story at all. Also, when you see Angela’s old costume it really makes you appreciate the new one and just how much better it is.

The only part of the issue that’s unsettling is to see Drax being written more like his movie incarnation than how he’s been in comics for decades. Gillen isn’t the only writer to do this but to those that know the character it’s a bit jarring. Sure it provides a laugh or two but that’s what we’ve got Rocket for. Other than that this creative team has been on fire with this series and Angela is shaping up to be the best character we didn’t know we wanted in the Marvel Universe!

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