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March 3, 2015

Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ Expands Battleworld With New Interactive Map!

Over the past several weeks Marvel has been releasing teasers of more titles that will take place during the upcoming SECRET WARS event. Like Runaways which will feature the creative team of Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes) & Sanford Greene (Uncanny Avengers). The classic X-Tinction Agenda will also return with the team of Mac Guggenheim and Carmine Di Giandomenico (All New X-Factor). There’s also a Master of Kung Fu story coming that is written by Haden Blackman and takes place on Battleworld’s K’un Lun area!

When the initial reveal of Battleworld took place many noticed that there were still some unmarked areas of the map. Now, Marvel is shedding a little light on some of those with their new interactive map of Battleworld!


SECRET WARS’ BATTLEWORLD EXPANDS! Focuses on the Worlds that are Forging the New Marvel Universe

New York, NY — March 3rd, 2015 — The Marvel Universe is no more! There is now only Battleworld and is the only place where you will be able to learn about the building blocks of the new Marvel Universe.

Welcome to the Secret Wars Interactive Battleworld Map! Strange and Mysterious worlds from Marvel’s deep history continue to forge into the new landscape of the Marvel Universe – Battleworld – and Marvel’s Interactive map will guide fans through this strange new land.

Updated continuously until the start of Secret Wars, the interactive map features the most recent details of where these new dominions of Battleworld originated from.

Today’s update includes the following new dominions of Battleworld:


New Mars

The City

The Far East

Valley of Flame

The Hydra Empire


The Deadlands

Monster Metropolis

Stay tuned to as the new Marvel Universe continues to be forged.  Follow Marvel on Facebook at and be sure to join the conversation on Twitter with #Marvel, #SecretWars, and don’t forget to follow us at @Marvel.


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