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February 19, 2015

Forward Comix Reviews: Nowhere Man Vol 1: You Don’t Know Jack

NWMNowhere Man Vol 1: You Don’t Know Jack
Publisher: Forward Comix
Jerome Walford
Jerome Walford
Cover: Jerome Walford

As we’re introduced to Jack Maguire it’s very evident that this is no ordinary police officer. And what may seem like an all too familiar story of not living up to the expectations of a parent, it quickly turns into something else entirely. Part police drama and part sci-fi adventure, Nowhere Man ends up being all kinds of exciting! Mainly in part due to the cast of characters introduced and how well Walford has began to build this world around them.

Maguire has certain abilities he’s acquired but they come at a cost that adds to his struggles. His body and mind has been taken over by a mysterious assassin that has left a trail of bodies in the city. His control is limited but Maguire hasn’t slept in years since the two merged. This is actually the better part of what our protagonist has been going through. The NYPD has crossed paths with a highly classified military group as the two are after the same target. They also seem to be equipped with similar tech and abilities as the being that shares Maguire’s body which raises even more questions.

Jerome masterfully balances both the writing and artistic duties of this title all while maintaining a high level of quality in both. He establishes fairly quickly that there’s more to Jack than some cool powers. His struggle to rise through the ranks and his drive to make his father proud is very much at the forefront, showing that Walford is putting the character first. Walford infuses Jack with a fierce determination and by the end of the first volume he’s a very well fleshed out character. As far as the supporting cast goes they were a bit of a mixed bag as some stood out for good reasons and others seemed to just be around for the ride. Though it does help that there’s a section dedicated to them towards the end of each chapter but it would be nice to get that character development during the story.

The visual storytelling is just as good and at times doesn’t even need the burden of dialogue boxes taking up space in the panels. There’s so many nice visual moments that just propel the story and add that much needed depth to certain parts of the narrative. Whether it’s an intense conversation or one of the over the top action sequences you will be entertained. Walford also gives the book a much different feel when he’s showing off the more tech heavy characters. The detail of the armor and weapons along with the holographic displays really help to push the sci-fi element of the story. The designs themselves are very cool and sleek and I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with later on in the series.

So I suggest picking up the first volume at and giving it a try because Nowhere Man is once again proof that quality comics do exist outside of your “go to” publishers.

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