February 12, 2015

Valiant Reviews: Divinity #1

divinity1Divinity #1
Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Trevor Hairsine
Cover: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

Divinity’s strength lies in the fact that you’re made aware early in the story that it is very unpredictable. This is a good thing as Matt Kindt weaves the story of Abram Adams and David Camp together in quite the strong narrative. Adams is chosen for a thirty-year deep space mission that the Russians kept secret. Kindt chooses to only give various glimpses of the type of man Adams is and though it isn’t much it is enough to pull you in, especially when you see how the journey has changed him. As for David, this is where Kindt throws a curve and adds to the layer of mystery surrounding these men while also hinting at something very big.

Hairsine’s artwork is stunning from beginning to end thanks to Baron and Winn’s colors and inks which round out one of the better looking comics to hit the shelf this week. The reveal shot of Adams’ space suit just shows what a fun design it is. While it also has it’s roots in the era it was made in there’s also just enough of a modern look that keeps it from having a dated design. David’s accident is another striking panel that comes out of nowhere and hits you with it’s brutality. The story itself is moved along quite well but it’s the very first panel along with the very last one that really brings it together after you read the issue. I’ll also add that it’s nice when an artist draws a Black character that doesn’t rely heavily on the colorist to let you know the character isn’t Caucasian. It’s amazing that even in this day and age not many artists take the time to find the nuances to make these distinctions. The cover itself is also an amazing piece of artwork and really sets up the mystery of this first issue.

Kindt and Hairsine give Divinity a strong start with a compelling story along with an enigmatic new character. It’s also another great addition to this new wave of Valiant titles where one is as different than the next. So do your pull list a favor and add Divinity to it and give it a few reads while you wait for the second issue!

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