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January 30, 2015

Image Comics Reviews: Bitch Planet #2

BP2coverBitch Planet #2
Publisher: Image
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Valentine De Landro & Cris Peter
Cover: Valentine De Landro & Cris Peter

After a strong debut issue, Bitch Planet keeps that momentum, but swings it in another direction. We are introduced to several powerful individuals along with the mention of a brutal sport called Duemila, or Megaton depending on where you’re from. Father Josephson is one of those in power, and our focus as DeConnick shapes what is probably one of the major villains in the story. It’s a great opening that sets the tone for the type of man he is, along with how society has evolved in this future. There is also a lot of time devoted to Kamau Koga, who is beginning to take shape as the heroine. DeConnick really builds on what we briefly saw in this character last issue, and makes sure that all the time devoted to her is not a waste.

DeConnick doesn’t spend too much time on explaining the specifics of this popular sport, and with it being such an important point, that was a little disappointing. However, everything she builds around it more than makes up for that choice. The character moments are excellent, and even though it’s a pretty dark issue, she finds time to interject some humor via Penny Rolle and another riot.

It’s no surprise that the artwork in this issue is just as striking and great as last issue. De Landro makes sure that while the story is moving along you are paying attention to what’s also going on in the background, from the fight in the kitchen to the chosen form of dress for the women attending the party. Though the best would be the earlier mentioned moment with Penny Rolle. It plays out silently and it’s just one of those great sequential art moments that add a little something extra to the overall story. Peter’s colors are still a nice mix of modern and that old school dot print that she makes work so well during the story. One of the most obvious is during the confession sequence, as Kamau is assaulted by images of the woman she’s blamed for killing. Along with the imposing figure dominating the page, it’s a very striking scene that really drives home how the inmates are conditioned and punished.

Bitch Planet #2 is just as good as the first, and makes a strong case for you to come back for the next issue. Everything so far has been nothing short of exciting, and goes far beyond simply being a women-in-prison story line. So if you’re on the lookout for something new to add to your reading pile, then Bitch Planet should definitely be an option for you!

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