January 29, 2015

Marvel Reviews: Thor #4

THOR4Thor #4
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson
Cover: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

Jason Aaron does it again with a Thor vs. Thor battle in this issue that we knew was coming! Though this moment was anticipated, it brought about some gut wrenching surprises as Thor (Odinson) had to realize that Mjolnir has chosen a new wielder. But like a guy who can’t accept he’s been dumped, he keeps trying to win back his hammer to no avail. Aaron does find some time to interject some humor into the story, but it is still sad when you realize just how deep the connection is/was between Mjolnir and Odinson, and how he’s breaking down internally at the loss. Especially when he sees the hammer do things that it never did in all the years he wielded its power. Right here Aaron hints that we’ll be seeing some new abilities, making this more than just a gender and costume change for the character.

What’s also great is that while introducing us to the new Goddess of Thunder, Aaron hasn’t let the former Thor fall to the wayside. He’s still a very important part of the story (for now), and makes this issue an official passing of the hammer to our new heroine. It’s done in a way that just reinforces why Aaron has been doing such wonderful work with the Thor/Asgard mythos. He’s chosen to show a duality with the new Thor between the way she speaks, which is like an Asgardian, and her thoughts, which are more like how a regular person from this era would speak. It’s a small but creative way to make the character stand out. With the great balance of action, suspense, and the humor, you would be hard pressed not to be entertained with this issue. Plus, Malekith pulls a really jerk move on the Odinson that made me laugh out loud.

The fight between Thor and Odinson is a classic destructive sequence that plays out very well as the two battle over Mjolnir and the right to wield it. All because Dauterman and Wilson continue to make this series spectacular looking issue after issue. Especially when it comes to the large battle scenes, but also when delivering the emotion needed to move the softer scenes. From the layouts to the onomatopoeias, they use everything to enhance the visual storytelling in the panels which will have you going over them several times.

Thor #4 is officially HER issue, and where we get to see Odinson come to grips with the change that has taken place. Now, Aaron still hasn’t touched on the whisper from Fury or the identity of the new Thor, but who cares! The creative team has set things up nicely, and the mystery just adds to everything. Though there are many who have a strong feeling about who the Goddess of Thunder is, we’ll have to wait to see if it is indeed her. But until then, this is a title that is worth a look if you’re a fan of the character and what Aaron has been doing the past few years.

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