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January 28, 2015

Gotta Have It!: Spider-Man #100 Wallet and Tin

Feeling embarrassed lately when pulling your old, cracked and beat up wallet out from your pocket in front of that cute cashier? Well it might just be time for you to replace your money holder with something that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

What better way for fans of Spider-Man to identify themselves as such than with this great looking Amazing Spider-Man #100 Cover Wallet (and Tin) from SuperHeroStuff.com?


ghi_sm100_wallet_001This 4.5 inch polyurethane wallet is designed with as much style as function. It has 3 quick access credit card slots and 1 windowed slot for a picture ID. It also has a zippered loose change pocket and 2 over-sized storage areas to store receipts or other documents. And finally, the wallet could not serve its ultimate purpose if it did not provide you with a space to keep your money nice and organized. The basics are all there.

The wallet itself comes in a rad looking Marvel Comics emblazoned tin box. When you crack the tin open, you’ll find a felt lined plastic holder and printed cardboard band keeping the wallet in place which offers an added layer of presentation that won’t go unappreciated if you’re giving this wallet as a gift to a loved one. The tin itself can be used to hold a variety of trinkets once the plastic lining is removed.

ghi_sm100_wallet_002 ghi_sm100_wallet_003 ghi_sm100_wallet_004

Once the wallet is removed from its cradle for closer inspection, you’ll notice that it has all of the Marvel Comics branding you’d expect to find including a subtle glossy black stamped logo in the bottom inside right corner and a Marvel engraved black chrome zipper tab.

ghi_sm100_wallet_005 ghi_sm100_wallet_006 ghi_sm100_wallet_007

The black stitching all around is straight as an arrow and looks durable, but only time will tell of its true quality. I have been using the wallet for a little over a month now and every aspect of this wallet is holding up very well. There is no wear or fading of the outer print design and no excessive rounding or bending of the corners and seams.

ghi_sm100_wallet_008All in all I am very happy with this product and it showcases one of my favorite Amazing Spider-Man covers of all time drawn by the legendary artist John Romita. “The Spider or the Man?


Get yours from SuperHeroStuff.com today!

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Dan “SpidermanGeek” Briand
email: spidermangeek@comicattack.net
Twitter: @SpidermanGeek



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