December 22, 2014

Marvel Reviews: Inhuman #10

inhuman-010Inhuman #10
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Ryan Stegman & Richard Isanove
Cover: Ryan Stegman & Richard Isanove

We all know that tie-ins to big events are usually hit and miss, with most of them being in the “miss” category. Well, the past couple of issues of Inhuman have been anything but that. As a result of the events in Axis, the newly inverted Medusa begins her plans for war against the humans. Her change in demeanor and increased aggression hasn’t gone unnoticed by those closest to her, and they do what they must to protect their queen. Even if it means asking for outside help in the form of an Avenger, Spider-Man! The issue also focuses on the Inhuman corporation, Ennilux, and the revelation of what’s really been happening.

Before we even get into the story, let’s just all agree that Ryan Stegman drawing Spider-Man here is THE highlight of the issue! Actually, his artwork along with Richard Isanove’s colors make for one fantastic looking issue. The fight sequence between Medusa and Spider-Man is just amazing (no pun intended), as everything is big and constantly moving! Stegman finds great ways to utilize Medusa’s hair during the confrontation as he shows it coming towards the reader at great speeds. This adds a great dynamic to the fight that is only matched by the humorous entrance of the wall crawler. The story also looks just as good while focused on Reader and Iso’s escape from Ennilux. The panel where Reader tosses the money back at the Capo is just filled with attitude and the expressions are spot on.

The issue itself is split between two stories which Soule balances out quite well. This might be why it reads better than most of the tie-ins to Axis. We’re able take a break from the event while he develops the story of Reader and Iso. Two characters that actually steal the spotlight which is a good thing when you’ve introduced new characters. There’s still a great story while focusing on the established Inhuman characters we’ve come to know over the years. Gorgon is torn between his service to the Queen while also knowing that things are amiss. Soule builds the tension expertly and even makes Medusa’s change less annoying and more intimidating as the story progresses. He also doesn’t shy away from showing how she might be cracking under the pressure which would be something new for readers. Though it was alarming to see what her final decision was at then end of the issue. With the issues that New Attilan is currently facing this could swing things in either direction in the coming issue.

Another solid issue of Inhuman is in store for you from this creative team should you decide to pick this one up. The ties to the big event here are minimal though a driving factor for Queen Medusa. The focus on her in the absence of her husband Black Bolt has been refreshing and shows that she’s more than capable of carrying the series without him. Maybe he doesn’t need to come back at all and she can just be the one to lead her people. Whatever the case lets just hope this level of quality storytelling on both sides continues, making Inhuman another great title worth buying every month!


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