December 12, 2009

Top Cow Reviews: Cyber Force/Hunter Killer #3


Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Cover: Kenneth Rocafort

“CF/HK pt 3“:  Remember the “ominous ad” for the new cell phone Jett I mentioned in the review for the first issue?  Well, it’s been revealed that Morningstar and Cyberdata are behind it and the device will allow them to dominate the entire planet with their data network by giving them a digital fingerprint of every single person.  This is a vast amount of power for someone to have and both the Cyber Force and Hunter Killer teams are determined to stop them from utilizing it.

After agreeing to work together the two teams have split up into 3 units to hit the key stations in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Dubai.  Now Morningstar has been alerted to this and has doubled his security and the first team to suffer it’s affects are the Tokyo unit.  After stopping two huge idiots, the most powerful member is taken down by a creepy kid who doesn’t say a word but smiles the entire time.  Then we go over to Dubai where Ripclaw, Wolf, and Cloaker end up running into serious trouble.  During the fight one of the team is mortally wounded and they are forced to retreat at the cost of leaving a man behind.  Now the teams have teleported back to the base and after the debate on who to pick up first, it’s decided to get Velocity and Cyblade from San Francisco…and that’s when the other shoe drops.  Morningstar comes strolling in via teleporter and tosses a bomb at the team and as you read the words “to be continued” the counter is already at 7!

I’m not sure how Mark Waid feels about the Hunter Killer team but in this issue they took a major beat down!  I did like that it wasn’t just for shock value but it helped move the story and as I noticed the injuries it may set up the members for future “enhancements”- if they live of course.  Waid’s take on the “Big Brother is watching you”  theme is a great one so far and is reinforced by Bryan Rountree’s letter to the reader. Now, Rocafort’s work is still great in this issue, though a little less detailed than in the first couple of issues.  His panel layouts continue to bring the action off the pages and even when he bleeds one into the other the effect is just awesome!  I do like the minimal amount of background in some of the panels, with the focus being on what’s important to the story.  Plus this guy also has some great covers and it’s kind of hard to choose between his and Whilce Portacio’s!

After reading this issue it makes me wonder why bad guys just don’t teleport into the base of the good guys tossing bombs more often.

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  1. I love this series and I knew nothing about the characters until this summer’s ‘Fusion’ series. Rocafort is just kick ass.

  2. You mean to tell me you never heard of Cyberforce? i understand not knowing about HK but CF has been around for a while man

  3. billy

    I’ve always admired the artwork I’ve seen on this title. Another good one IS.

  4. […] of art are more clues to the story.  Some of my favorites are Steve Sampson’s Rose Angel, Kenneth Rocafort’s Ultra Sonic, and Frazer Irving’s SoulScreamer to name a few, and we’re even treated to […]

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