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November 26, 2014

Gotta Have It! Doctor Who Tardis Polo

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Written by: Jeff
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Have you ever been on the 18th green, confronted with an impossible shot? At that moment, have you ever wanted to whip out your sonic screwdriver to make the shot? No? Me neither. But if you like to play golf or just like to be semi-casual, and are a fan of Doctor Who, then now you have something to wear!

In my line of work, I can’t always wear my Weeping Angels or Dalek t-shirts, but does that preclude me from showing off my taste in popular culture? It really shouldn’t. So color me tickled when I saw that Superherostuff.com had a Doctor Who polo with a tiny Tardis on the breast. Not only that, but it is my favorite color: gray!


This is the perfect thing to wear when you want to show off that you love Doctor Who, but don’t quite want to wear the Sixth Doctor’s rainbow coat or the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. The shirt is super comfortable and goes with just about any kind of pants.

If you’re a bigger guy like me, then you know that many polo shirts are too tight-fitting. I got the XL of this shirt and it fit really well. The sleeves don’t cut off the circulation in your arms, and the length to the waist is perfect.


Overall, if you are the kind of person who wears polos, then why not get this or any of the numerous polos with your favorite licensed characters from Superherostuff.com!

Allons y!

Jeff Jackson



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