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November 21, 2014

Action Lab Reviews: Princeless: The Pirate Princess #1

Princeless2014Princeless: The Pirate Princess #1
Publisher: Action Lab
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Rosy Higgins & Ted Brandt
Cover: Rosy Higgins & Ted Brandt

Princess Adrienne has returned, and with her friend Bedelia in tow, they’re diving head first into yet another adventure! This time around they might have made a very big mistake with the rescuing of Princess Raven Xingtao. She’s been locked in a tower for quite some time, and the only thing on her mind aside from freedom is revenge.

If this is your first time picking up a Princeless comic there’s no reason to worry, because Whitley’s tale is very easy to get into without having to know a wealth of back story. Everything you’ll need to enjoy this issue is right here, and from the looks of things this is on track to be one of the best ones yet. Though much of the issue is focused on Raven, Whitley spends a nice amount of time making sure Adrienne and Bedelia are just as enjoyable and serve a purpose. He ties them all together with a certain connection, since Adrienne sees her as another Princess that is trapped and needs to be rescued, while Bedelia has a fangirl moment and is very much engrossed in the “Legend” of Raven. While Raven herself sees Adrienne as a means to an end. All of this may seem a bit dark, however, Whitley keeps the tone pretty light with the dialogue and makes sure you’re having just as much fun reading the issue.

A huge part of that fun is due to the art team of Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt. The art style is perfect for a younger reader, but will grab the attention of us older comic fans as well. Whitley also knows when to step back and allow just the art to tell the story, and when it looks this good dialogue bubbles will just get in the way. Much of this is during the action scenes as we move from panel to panel watching how things unfold. Not only do we get to see what Raven can do, we’re not distracted by a lot of dialogue. Which makes perfect sense since having a full on conversation during a fight is almost impossible, and it’s nice when a creative team realizes this. Higgins and Brandt also keep the characters expressive and fun as they do a nice job with the overall tone of the story.

Princeless: The Pirate Princess is on track to be another great entry into the world that Whitley has created. This story feels very different from past entries as we see that Raven is a more than capable fighter, so it seems odd that she was trapped in the first place. However, what’s not different is the amount of quality in both story and artwork in this all-ages title. So whether a longtime fan of Princeless or even if you’re new to this fantasy world of dragons, princesses, and pirates, then I’d highly suggest picking this up. If not for you then for a young reader out there that hasn’t yet discovered how fun comics can still be.

Princeless: The Pirate Princess #1 will hit shelves on January 28th, and for more Princeless coverage click here!

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