November 20, 2014

Marvel Reviews: Spider-Woman #1

SWOMANSpider-Woman #1
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Greg Land
Cover: Greg Land

Spider-Woman’s first issue takes place smack dab in the middle of Spider-Verse, as she and Spidey Noir are tasked with the responsibility of keeping Silk and themselves alive and out of reach of The Inheritors. Hopeless forgoes any type of origin or back story here, as the focus is squarely on the mission at hand. Which isn’t a terrible thing, as he does provide a sense of who Spider-Woman is by establishing her role in the group fairly quickly. It’s evident that she’s the more experienced of the group, and when the twins show up to claim their meal she does the smart thing to keep everyone alive.

What Hopeless does right in this issue is move Spider-Verse along, albeit very little, but also establishes that Silk’s role may be just as important as Peter’s. We’re treated to some great action scenes paired with dialogue, and an appearance from several more Spider characters. With that said, this isn’t an issue that is friendly to a new reader. A lot of what’s going on here is based on the assumption the person who picked this issue up has already been reading Spider-Verse. And while Jessica’s personality is pretty dominant throughout, there’s just way too many other characters popping up that take the focus off of her. Nothing made this feel like it was Spider-Woman’s book, as it seemed as if she was the one making a guest appearance. This is the frustrating thing about reading a number one issue that is also taking part in an event.

As far as the art from Greg Land, if you’re a fan then you’ll like it, and if not then you’ll have to just enjoy what you can. There were some pretty exciting panels during the action and the pace picks up. However, it’s noticeable that when Land is drawing tech things look better, and he’s got some really cool designs that outshine the people in the story. Also it seems as if the art was much stronger during the second half of the story than in the first where Jessica would look odd at times.

The assumption with a first issue is that you want to pull in a new reader and make them feel comfortable enough to keep on going. Well, this issue doesn’t do that, though it is fun. Spider-Verse readers will get more out of this than anyone else, and that’s too bad. Hopefully after this event is over Hopeless will get to focus more on Spider-Woman and give us the title we deserve.

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  1. Kristin

    …… What is up with these awful Spider-Woman covers lately, holy shit. I think this might actually be worse than that Milo Manara cover.

  2. Kristin

    Also the fact that a number 1 issue doesn’t really focus on its title character is enormously disappointing.

    • Silk looks like she’s throwing Spider-Woman who looks like an amputee. But there are those who really like Greg Land’s artwork however I don’t happen to be one of them if he’s drawing people.

  3. Have to agree with you guys. Terrible cover. The only thing I actually love that Land did was a cover for Werewolf by Night, a few years ago (a one-shot). He’s typically more “miss” than “hit” for me.

    Good review, sir!

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