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November 17, 2014

Marvel ‘Secret Wars’ Battleworld Trailer!


For some time now, Marvel has been releasing very cryptic teasers referencing some of the greatest events in their long history which will all lead up to an all new Secret Wars in 2015. The original Secret Wars, which made it’s debut back in 1984, is still considered one of the greatest events in Marvel history by longtime fans. So when these teasers were released the theories ranged from this being just a rehash of old stories, a result of the Illuminati’s tampering with the incursions, or fall out from the Time Runs Out storyline, just to name a few!

All we do know is that Marvel characters from various timelines, realities, and media will be showing up here and from the looks of the trailer they get their own little piece of Battleworld!

Just in case you missed the teasers here they are again!

Civil_War_2015Years_of_Future_Past_2015Planet_Hulk_2015Armor_Wars_2015House_of_M_2015Infinity_Gauntlet_2015Old_Man_Logan_2015Inhumans_Attilan_Rising_2015 Age_of_Apocalypse_2015 Future_Imperfect_2015Amazing_Spider-Man_Renew_Your_Vows_2015Avengers_vs._X-Men_2015X-Men_'92_2015Everything_Ends_2015


Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this and for those that may need a refresher you can check out our coverage of the 1984 classic, Secret Wars right here!


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