November 11, 2014

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 11/05/14

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Written by: Arnab
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batman eternal 31Batman Eternal #31
Writer: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, and Tim Seeley
Artists: Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, and Blond
Cover Artists: Rafael Albuquerque
Publisher: DC Comics

It’s a rare occasion when Batman is overshadowed in a book with his name on the title, and yet that is exactly what happens in this issue. The star of this issue is none other than Alfred Pennyworth, who had been transferred to Arkham just before it collapsed on itself. From the moment he is pulled out of the rubble by Bane, Alfred manipulates the situation in his favor, getting him to one of the many Bat-Stations located throughout the city. Alfred has long been the glue that holds the Bat-family together, and is often used as bait against Bruce/Batman, and this was a great way to show that he’s more than just a glorified butler. The purpose of the magic/demon in Arkham story still seems rather unclear, but the rest of the story is still going strong. 4/5

grayson 4Grayson #4
Writer: Tom King and Tim Seeley
Stephen Mooney and Jeromy Cox
er Artist: Andrew Robinson
Publisher: DC

Is there anyone in comics luckier than Dick Grayson? He was trained by Batman, he’s a world class athlete, and just as he’s about to be caught spying, he’s cleared of suspicion. Honestly, if you were on the fence about reading this series now that Dick is no longer Nightwing, this issue does a great job of demonstrating just how fun this book can be, even if he’s now an undercover spy, spying on super undercover spies. One of the most consistent things about comics starring Dick is how his personality tends to dictate the story. His books are never too dark, or too peppy, rather they tend to be very balanced, and that goes for this series as well. 4/5


swamp thing 36Swamp Thing #36
Writer: Charles Soule
Artists: Jesus Saiz and Matt Hollingsworth
Cover Artists: Jesus Saiz
Publisher: DC

War is on the horizon, and Alec Holland is making sure that the people he cares about are safe. When the machines were introduced, it seemed a tad strange. Unlike with the others, they had no life/death aspect to their existence, and thus their sentience felt rather sudden. However, as the story has progressed, the machines have really come around and are now a rather fantastic, yet strikingly dangerous, threat. Alec, as well as the other Avatars, is in for a chaotic war with the machines, and that is going to be amazing. If the brief battle in this issue is any indication of what is to come, readers are in for a wonderful time. On a side note, it was wonderful seeing Abby once again, and it’s an utter shame the two of them had to end things the way they did. 4/5

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Arnab Pradhan


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