October 25, 2014

Gotta Have It! Captain America Winter Soldier T-Shirt

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one of the biggest movies of the year. It was only a matter of time before we’d get some sweet, sweet wearable merchandise. SuperHeroStuff has just the thing. How does this shirt match up? Let’s find out!

The Captain America Winter Soldier Navy Blue T-Shirt is one of the best comics-related shirts I’ve gotten. I own about a dozen and a half of comics character shirts that look like their costumes. Not the ones that look like they have their body, but as if this was their outfit made for the masses to suit up in. A lot of the shirts from other companies tend to do a light, flimsy shirt with a heavy painted on symbol. This shirt has high quality cloth with a decent painting of the logo that Captain America wears in his modern stealth look from the film and from with the SHIELD logo on the shoulder, it reminds me of the comics of Steve Rogers: Agent of Shield, when Steve was not in the role of Cap because Bucky was still wearing the suit.


It’s a very comfortable shirt and I never really have to worry how my seatbelt feels when I’m driving while wearing it, I find this to be a common noticeable feeling in other comics shirts. It’s not pleasant and makes me worry that it’s going to get scraped off due to how heavily it is applied. This one feels firm and sturdy so I don’t even notice any wear and tear like I can feel from other shirts.

Another nice thing about this shirt is the compliments it garners. This shirt has a nice feeling of class to it, I know that sounds silly but people thought it was rather formal even though they knew what it was and there was no sarcasm to it. This shirt does look good and even with the white on the chest and shoulder it still feels and looks subtle while not being easily missed.

My only problem with this shirt is that it doesn’t come in women’s sizes. I know several friends who’d buy this in a second if it was available in their sizes. They must keep the quality of the men’s version. It’s not priced higher than any other shirts of its kind so that’s a real deal for the quality you are getting. I saw someone with a similar shirt but it was missing the SHIELD logo on the shoulder, I’m not a big fan of SHIELD but there’s something about that on the shoulder that adds to the cool factor.

Cap Winter Soldier Shirt

If you want to get your own shirt that looks like this or want to let them know they should make it in women’s sizes, go to┬áto take a look.

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  1. Okay, this is a great looking shirt! Time to drop some hints to a few people that I need this lol

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