September 30, 2014

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 09/24/14

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Written by: Arnab
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Adventures of Superman #17 (DC)
NickZ: Three great Superman stories for 4 bucks, you can’t beat it.

Aliens: Fire & Stone #1 (Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech: Great start to a new series that ties together crucial events in the Aliens franchise!

All-New Ghost Rider #7 (Marvel)
Jeff: Johnny Blaze finally arrives. Can’t wait to see the old Ghost Rider vs. the new Ghost Rider.

Amazing Spider-Man #1.5 (Marvel)
Jeff: I admit, I got a little misty eyed at Aunt May talking about Uncle Ben.

amazxmen11Amazing X-Men #11 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Wendigo madness is running rampant and even Alpha Flight can’t ruin this story!
Jeff: This is just a fun X-Men/Alpha Flight adventure. I’m digging it.
NickZ: So glad to have Yost and Kyle doing X-Men again! This book felt like the X-Men of my youth! Has Aurora always been such a B?

Aquaman and the Others Futures End #1 (DC)
Infinite Speech: Ugh…I like these characters just not in this story.
Martin: 3/5 stars. Basically just “Part 2” of Aquaman Futures End. Atlanteans hate surface dwellers. Shocking!

Batman Eternal #25 (DC)
Arnab: Awful art. Also, way too many people know Batman’s identity.
NickZ: Batman walks into Hush’s trap, good thing Red Robin rallied the family to come save him.

Bob’s Burgers #1 (IDW)
Infinite Speech:
The only thing better is watching the show!

Booster Gold Futures End #1 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. I’m not a huge BG fan but I loved all of the nods to older continuity & the Kamandi stuff. Fun!

Catwoman Futures End #1 (DC)
NickZ: Catwoman’s future has been my favorite one so far. At least someone gets a happy ending.

chew 43Chew #43 (Image)
Arnab: This series is beautiful.
Escargoat is one of the best monster names ever.
NickZ: That final page! S*** just got real! On a side note, I love Olive’s obsession with Robert Kirkman.

Cyclops #5 (Marvel)
Arnab: This book is just so damned good.
Infinite Speech: This just reminds me how far the older Scott Summers has fallen.
Jeff: I liked how Cyclops and Corsair escaped the planet.
NickZ: Cyclops and his father continue to be a good influence on each other.

Deadpool #35 (Marvel)
NickZ: This had to be the funniest Deadpool issue that I have read in a long time. I loved Deadpool’s spoiler to Storm about Wolverine’s impending death!

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: From the Marvel Universe trading card references to the entire story this Spider-Verse keeps getting better!
Jeff: I want to see more of this Spider-Man. I’m loving this mini-series!
NickZ: These other Spider-Men have all been fantastic. I would read an ongoing book on any of them. Dustin Weaver did an amazing job on both story and art for this issue.

The Flash Futures End #1 (DC)
Infinite Speech: This may have had a larger impact had DC not wanted to show off Black Wally West months ago.
Martin: 3/5 stars. Of all the DC heroes, I feel like the Flash is one of the happier ones. Futures End killed that theory.

Ghostbusters #20 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: A great wrap up and celebration of 30 yrs of Ghostbusting! Too bad for Winston though.

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Original Sin already wrapped up. Why hasn’t this story?
Jeff: Good grief, they’re dragging this out.

Harley Quinn Futures End #1 (DC)
Martin: 3.5/5 stars. Just a fun, goofy, somewhat cliche story that has nothing to do with the Futures End event.

cyclops 5He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #17 (DC)
Infinite Speech: This is one hell of a series that you should be reading!

Inhuman #6 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: The story and art are pretty much perfect but I really liked that doctor.
Jeff: Ryan Stegman is sometimes hit-or-miss with me. This issue was definitely some of his best work!
NickZ: The Nuhumans prove their worth and show everyone they are not as green as they seem.

Justice League Dark Futures End #1 (DC)
Martin: 3/5 stars. I know why Constantine wasn’t in this, but his past actions seem to indicate he should be.

Loki Agent of Asgard #6 (Marvel)
Jeff: This issue made no sense. Not really looking forward to Axis.
NickZ: Not sure what this had to do with Axis but who doesn’t like to see Loki and Dr. Doom go head to head in a battle of wits?

Low #3 (Image)
NickZ: This book has such depth in it’s storytelling, what it lacks in speed of plot it more than makes up for in substance and beauty. Kudos to Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini!

Lumberjanes #6 (BOOM!)
Infinite Speech: Reading Lumberjanes is a must!

Magneto #10 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Not too exciting as it leads to Marvel’s next big event.
Jeff: This was another 22-page filler. March to Axis is dumb.
NickZ: How does Red Skull already have a mastery over Xavier’s powers when it took Charles years to learn to control them?

Mighty Avengers #24 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: The wrap up was great but why start it over with a new number one??

New 52 Futures End #21 (DC)
Martin: 3.5/5 stars. I really enjoyed seeing Green Arrow back in action, but there was way too much expository dialogue.

New Warriors #10 (Marvel)
NickZ: The New Warriors lose one of there own when they take the fight to the High Evolutionary’s door step, but a greater threat looms on the horizon.

Outcast #4 (Image)
NickZ: Four issue in and this book has not lost any of it’s intrigue and creepiness thanks to the awesome story telling of Robert Kirkman and the amazing art of Paul Azaceta.

Rachel Rising #28 (Abstract Studios)
Jeff: I don’t think I understand the fat guy on the porch with the severed heads. Did I miss something?

Red Lanterns Futures End #1 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. Compared to most other Futures End stories, Charles Soule delivers a somewhat happy ending for Guy.

Roche Limit #1 (Image)
Martin: 4.5/5 stars. A really promising beginning to this series, with compelling characters, interesting premise, & well-done art.

saga 23Saga #23 (Image)
Arnab: Hoooooly Shit.
Infinite Speech: Wow…things just keep getting worse and BKV and Staples deliver the feels perfectly.
Jeff: This issue kicked it up a notch! Loved every minute.
NickZ: This book just kicked into high gear. Way to leave every character in peril and every reader on the edge of their seat, Mr. Vaughan and Miss Staples!

Samurai Jack #12 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: The creative team has brought Jack to his lowest point in another great story!

Savage Wolverine #23 (Marvel)
Jeff: Sarcastic chirp – Wow, I’ve never seen a Wolverine story that takes place in the wilderness with him teaming up with wolves to fight hunters.

Sex #16 (Image)
NickZ: The boys are going to war and things are getting dirty.

Storm #3 (Marvel)
NickZ: Such an amazing cover for such a horrible issue. I hope Storm gets over her mid-life crisis or whatever she’s got going on soon!

Superman Futures End #1 (DC)
Martin: 3.5/5 stars. Good story explaining why the guy pretending to be Superman is doing what he’s doing; odd ending.

Superman Doomed #2 (DC)
NickZ: Please tell me that the last page of this book is a hint to the end of the new 52 and the return of the old DCU, PLEASE!

Super Secret Crisis War #4 (IDW)
NickZ: Our heroes grow closer and work together even better as the villains drift apart and begin to betray each other.

Wayward #2 (Image)
Infinite Speech: Want a new comic that looks as great as the story is? Well Zub and Cummings bring that to you in Wayward!
NickZ: Wayward gets way more mysterious and a little more sad but stays just as interesting and beautiful as the first issue.



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