September 13, 2014

Marvel Reviews: Edge of Spider-Verse: Spider-Man Noir #1

SVerse1Edge of Spider-Verse: Spider-Man Noir #1
Publisher: Marvel
Writer(s): David Hine & Fabrice Sapolsky
Artist: Richard Isanove
Cover: Richard Isanove

Someone is killing Spider-Men across the multiverse and Doc Ock, as Superior Spider-Man, is trying to recruit as many of them as he can to fight the murderer. This issue expands on how the dark and gritty 1930’s Spidey came into his service while also being a great introduction to the character himself. Having the original writers of the Spider-Man Noir title deliver this story is perfect and a great way to start things off.

Hine and Sapolsky haven’t missed a step as we see the Magnificent Mysterio coveting the Blood of Anasi which runs through Peter’s veins. Believing it will give him the power he deserves as he’s tired of wasting his talents. So with the Kingpin’s help he’s going to do just that as the two kidnap Felicia Hardy and plan a public execution under the guise of one of Mysterio’s stage shows. That is, unless The Spider-Man shows himself and makes a blood sacrifice.

If you were a fan of the Spider-Man Noir series then everything about this issue will make you miss that. The writers deliver a solid story that gives you familiar faces all in an environment that fits them. Kingpin is essentially the same gangster type of character though Isanove slightly adjusts the character’s look. Mysterio as a stage magician fits perfect as does his motive to trap Spider-Man. The entire look of the issue is nailed by Isanove as your eyes move from panel to panel. The visual change to Kingpin actually helped shift the focus to Mysterio when they were in panel together and let this really be his show. Mysterio’s look share’s certain elements of his 616 appearance and there’s even a larger nod to it if you pay close attention.

Spider-Verse is going to incorporate several versions of the Webslinger and issues like this are helpful in getting acclimated with them. New readers can feel comfortable knowing they just won’t be thrown into an event with little information while those that are more familiar can just enjoy a great story and artwork.

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