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September 5, 2014

Boom! Studios Reviews: Lumberjanes #5

lumberjanes_005_aLumberjanes #5
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Writers: Grace Ellis & Noelle Stevenson
Illustrator: Brooke Allen
Colors: Maarta Laiho
Letters: Aubrey Aiese

Another month and another Lumberjanes graces our presence. What new mysteries will we come across? Will we get some answers that lead to bigger questions? Let’s find out!

Really enjoying the progression in character development since now that Jen knows that the weird stuff going on is real, she responds accordingly by trying to protect the campers to the best of her ability. This means attempting to keep the kids away from the monsters, things don’t go as planned as should be expected.

We’re learning more and more about this weird world of Lumberjanes while still being left with a ton of questions and new material raises more questions. It gives you enough to appease but still has you craving more and wondering what’s going on. Since this series is an ongoing, who knows what kind of bizarre stuff we’ll find in and around this camp.

Without giving too much away, we get some really great visuals when the strange shows up. There are so many wonderful panels in this issue. If I can get them framed, I would. We get some great stuff that can scare, thrill, and it’s all so cool looking.

Trying to explain how good this issue is proves difficult without spoiling some so the short version of this is to go buy this book if you haven’t already. It’s got so many fun things going on in it and it’s got a wonderfully diverse cast. There’s a a magic bear in this. That do anything for you? Go read this book!

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