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September 8, 2014

Darryl Makes Comics Reviews: DMC #1

Publisher: Darryl “DMC” McDaniels
Writer: Ronald Wimberly
Aritst(s): Chase Conely, Mare 139, Jeff Stokely, Felipe Smith, MADTWIINZ, Shawn Crystal, & Koi Turnbull
Cover: Sal Buscema & Bob Wiacek

A gritty 80s era New York City is about to become home to one of the flyest heroes to put on a 4-finger ring and shell toe Adidas! But who is this mysterious figure that hits like Tyson and kicks like Bruce Lee? Well, it’s none other than DMC! Yes, the man you know as the legendary emcee has been re-imagined here in this new series. Though instead of holding a microphone, he’s got ringed fists that leave his name imprinted on the faces of those who would do evil in New York City. However, when he’s not out being the “balance” between good and evil, he’s attempting to build young minds as a high school teacher.

Ronald Wimberly gave us a glimpse of the silent hero in the DMC #0 issue last year, but that was just a taste of what was to come. He expands on the hero’s origin and activities through the ongoing investigation of reporter Charlie Cooper. This results in five separate stories that build on one another as Wimberly keeps them as unique as the one before it. This is one of the strengths of the entire issue, as he gives equal time to developing a rich story while showing off the talents of the title character. Every chapter introduces a new cast of characters, with DMC and Charlie being the only constant thread between them. In each one Wimberly also introduces a villain, but makes it more than just punches thrown in the name of justice to move things along. He touches on several tense subjects along the way that inform instead of being preachy. There’s a bigger picture here, and when it comes together you’ll know it was worth it.

Another plus for DMC is the amount of artistic muscle in these pages. From the cover by the legendary Sal Buscema to the last page it’s a bevy of visual greatness from every artist involved in telling this story. Each artist brings their own style and enhances the uniqueness of each story.  There’s too many nice looking sequences to pick just one, though the reveal shot of DMC in the third chapter by Felipe Smith comes real close. Considering the character has made several appearances throughout the story, this particular panel shows off DMC in all his glory. Then shortly after that we get another great panel showing off the costume upgrade. Another great artistic touch in these pages is the attention to the graffiti and how it stands out thanks to Mare 139. Believe me, there’s a difference when you have an actual graffiti artist handle those scenes as opposed to an artist just drawing what they interpret graffiti to be on a page.

DMC is filled with everything that makes a comic great, and throws in several surprises along the way. There’s promises of more to come, and if it’s as good as what’s in this “king sized” issue then I can’t wait. I’d recommend DMC based on the strength of the creative team alone, so pick this one up!

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