August 27, 2014

DCC Fan Appreciation Day: Cosplay

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Written by: Kristin
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On August 9, 2014, Dallas Comic Con hosted a free event at the Irving Convention Center called Fan Appreciation Day. A handful of local guests attended (including actor Peter Mayhew, screen writer Tim McCanlies, voice actor Mike McFarland, and artist Steve Erwin) and vendors filled the downstairs exhibition hall. This isn’t official coverage of the event, as that basically was the event in its entirety – a 10am – 7pm show (that started wrapping up around 5) with local area guests and dealers…and cosplayers. Some really good cosplayers! Many of whom were honoring cosplayer Jonathan “Aquaman San Antonio” Vela, who had recently departed the mortal world, with orange ribbons and accessories. The event became a local gathering of many friends, and a day to honor a cosplay hero.

As it was held virtually down the street from where I live, I ventured over to check things out, and found a wonderful group of cosplayers celebrating the craft and having a good time. If you like cosplay, then you’ve come to the right place. The North Texas cosplay community was in full swing.

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FAD14_025_01 FAD14_038_01 FAD14_057_01 FAD14_079_01 FAD14_095_01 FAD14_132_01 FAD14_135_01 FAD14_147_01 FAD14_179_01 FAD14_187_01 FAD14_198_01 FAD14_205_01 FAD14_211_01 FAD14_224_01 FAD14_244_01 FAD14_282_01 FAD14_328_01 FAD14_344_01 FAD14_396_01 FAD14_432_01 FAD14_446_01 FAD14_503_01 FAD14_523_01 FAD14_529_01 FAD14_536_01 FAD14_541_01 FAD14_543_01 FAD14_547_01 FAD14_473_01


A full album of FAD photos can be found on Facebook. Also, stay tuned for a special FAD vendor treat as I review one of those nifty printed figurines of my own cosplay later this week!




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