August 23, 2014

Marvel Reviews: Elektra #5

Elektra5Elektra #5
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: W. Haden Blackman
Artist: Michael Del Mundo
Cover: Michael Del Mundo

The first arc has come to a close, and Blackman makes sure that it’s just as great as when this series first started. Elektra finally comes face to face with Cape Crow after what has been a very long and violent journey. Lies are also exposed, and the man known as Bloody Lips who has hounded her every step of the way has arrived to make sure this is Elektra’s last mission.

Blackman opens this issue with an action sequence that introduces us to Cape Crow’s skills as a fighter as he goes up against Elektra. Not only that, but he puts us in the mindset of these two assassins which validates the fight between them for anyone who thinks they could have just “talked it out.” Plus, that would have been boring anyway. Especially since Blackman reveals so much about the character of these two during their physical confrontation. This sequence is very good for anyone who is new to Elektra as it adds yet another great layer to the character for you to enjoy. As for those seasoned Elektra fans, you’re getting another great interpretation of one of your favorite assassins!

Blackman doesn’t just deliver a strong story in this series, he also gives Michael Del Mundo some very cool things to draw! It also helps that Del Mundo has an art style that is vastly different from what we usually see in a Marvel title. If you have yet to see his work then you are missing out on some of the best looking pages in comics right now. Whether it’s an intense action sequence or a character’s monologue scene, Del Mundo makes it look better than what you thought it could. Much like in the double page spread where Bloody Lips gets a taste of Elektra’s blood. The imagery here is just filled with hidden gems and visual oddities that really express how messed up her mind/psyche is.

Blackman and Del Mundo have made Elektra one of the most comfortable starting points for a new reader, and it will impress you older fans just the same. I highly recommend you give this a shot and check out the first arc to see if it’s for you. If nothing else you’ll come away with a solid story backed with some of the best art in the business.

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