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August 8, 2014

Icon/Marvel Reviews: Painkiller Jane: 22 Brides #2

PKJPainkiller Jane: The 22 Brides #2
Publisher: Icon/Marvel
Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Juan Santacruz
Cover: Jimmy Palmiotti & Victoria Pal

Palmiotti certainly delivers in this issue as we get to see the many sides of Jane. She’s pissed off and determined to get answers after her friend, Detective Maureen, is hospitalized after being caught in an explosion. We also get a moment to see the softer side as she briefly deals with her relationship decisions, and finally there’s the action packed Jane that shoots first and probably won’t ask questions later. All of this plus some more face time for the Brides, and even a twist thrown in make this issue even better than the first. There’s also a bad guy in here named “Vilany”! How much more on the nose can you get?!

As far as the visual are concerned, Santacruz is solid here regardless of if we’re enjoying a quiet sequence in a bar or dodging bullets from a helicopter on a rooftop. There was a slight dip in the quality for a couple of panels when Vilany is given the assignment to kill Jane and the Brides. It’s only noticeable because of how much stronger the issue is before and after that. Especially towards the end when the shootout begins. He makes sure those moments are big and eye catching from start to finish.

Unlike last issue there is no backup story featuring Jane. Instead we’re treated to a write up not just about the Brides, but also their relationship with Jane. This is great for someone who may be reading about Jane for the first time, even though Palmiotti does try to make her accessible during the story, as well.

The 22 Brides wraps up next issue, and with everything going on it’s going to be quite the adventure as Palmiotti and Santacruz bring things to a close. Jane is a character you should be reading about, because she’s what people have been asking for, and she’s been here the entire time!

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