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July 27, 2014

Stay Tooned Sundays: Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars

PhineasFerbStarWars3Title: Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars
Director: Robert F. Hughes & Sue Perroto
Dani Vetere, Jim Bernstein, Martin Olsen, & Scott Peterson
Release Date: July 27, 2014
Length: 60 mins.

After their mash up with some of the Marvel super heroes last year it was only a matter of time before Phineas and Ferb ended up in a galaxy far, far away after the announcement Disney had acquired Lucasfilm Ltd. This hour long episode has everything needed for anyone familiar with Episode IV and the Phineas & Ferb cartoon to come out enjoying themselves. Even if you’re not an expert in all things Phineas and Ferb don’t worry because you really don’t need to be. All you’ll need to do is sit back, enjoy the ride, and do what the opening crawl says and remember “…none of this is canon, so relax”.

Instead of trying to place the characters from Phineas & Ferb in the roles of Star Wars characters the writers weave the two young inventors and their friends into the tiny spaces within Episode IV: A New Hope. Phineas and Ferb are actually neighbors of Luke Skywalker but where Luke has hopes of getting off of Tatooine, there isn’t another place the boys would rather be. There’s even a musical number about how great Tatooine is. Perry the Platypus is a Rebel Spy while Candice, Baljeet, and Buford are Stormtroopers. The big bad in this lighthearted adventure is Darthensmirtz, the lowest of the Sith, who has created a Sith-inator. All of their paths end up crossing due to the galactic war taking place but they play out more in the background as we get to see how things take shape from a different perspective.

The episode is full of musical numbers and plenty of Star Wars humor that you’ll end up laughing out loud at some points. There’s references to Han shooting first, blaming Jar Jar for a problem, and plenty of others though it’s the visual jokes that put it over the top. There is also the mainstay of some very good musical numbers that end up in Phineas & Ferb specials and these are some pretty good ones here. So whether an adult, child, or child-like adult there’s something here for you to enjoy from the minute the opening crawl hits your screen. So if you ever wondered what Han was doing before he came back and saved Luke, or what else the dianoga was doing in the garbage compactor then this is the episode for you!

Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars is worth watching because it doesn’t follow the formulaic approach most parodies do. It puts a fresh spin on this beloved sci-fi epic that has been around for over three decades and has been parodied more times than Stormtroopers have missed their targets. So find the time to check it out because when something like this is done right you can’t help but to want to watch it over and over again.

May the Ferb be with you!

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