December 5, 2009

Play Gift of the Yeti, Help Charity

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Written by: Kristin
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goty_bioware_social_badge_17x230BioWare (Dragon Age, Mass Effect) has created a Facebook game called Gift of the Yeti.  For every play of the game, BioWare will donate a minimum of one penny to Child’s Play, the charity of gamers, up to $10,000.  For those of you who don’t know, Child’s Play is a charity created by the fellows at Penny Arcade, back in 2003.  The charity provides money and gifts to children’s hospitals.  Every year, the generosity of people grows.  Already the charity has broken $1 million in money and gifts, and is well on its way to totally mow over last year’s donation of $1.4 million.  The gaming community and industry has kept this going, making thousands (possibly millions) of sick children happy all over the world.

The economy is tough right now, but playing Gift of the Yeti doesn’t cost anything, and only takes up a little bit of your time.  It’s also really fun (I’ve already played it several times, myself), and totally cute.  So, if you have a Facebook account, take a little time to play Gift of the Yeti, and join in with the enormous community of gamers that have been making Child’s Play such a success year after year.




  1. billy

    What a cool thing to do. I’ll have to give it a whirl.

  2. This is great Kristin! Thanks for spreading the word!

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